Python Programming vs. Java - A Comparative Analysis


Python Programming vs. Java - A Comparative Analysis

Programming languages have evolved quite significantly over the due course of time. These languages have undoubtedly changed the way webpages and websites are coded and developed. These programming languages are being used to develop programs that implement a specific algorithm. With new and innovative programming languages coming into the fray, the future definitely has a lot in store for web developers and programmers. Today, web developers across the US are taking home close to US$ 73,000 every year.

Out of the countless programming languages available to a web developer, two are being used quite predominantly. These are:


Developed by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems in 1996, it is a group of computer specifications that lays down a framework for developing applications that can be used in a cross-platform computing scenario. Java is used in a lot computing platforms, right from mobile phone to supercomputers.  Java applets run in secure environments to provide a number of features provided by native applications. These can also be embedded in HTML pages.


Python is an advanced programming language built for undertaking general programming.  It was developed by Guido van Rossum, a Dutch programmer, in 1991. Python is based on design philosophy and focuses on the readability of the code. It follows a syntax which allows programmers to design concepts using just a few lines of code. It also provides constructs for clear and hassle-free programming on large as well as small scales. Python is considered a versatile programming language. It can be learned by those who are fond of building basic video games. It can further be used to test microchips and desktop apps. Used frequently by programmers across the world, Python is one of the easiest programming languages one can get to learn. It is an ideal starting point for beginners.

Python Programming for Beginners gives you an opportunity to dive deeper into the world of Python as it helps you to understand the basic Python code to create and run a real-world Python program. It also helps you to gain working knowledge of basic programming and computing concepts.

The Differences Between Java And Python

In Java, all the names of variables and their types need to be declared explicitly. If a programmer attempts to assign a wrong object to a variable, it triggers a type exception. Java is therefore a static language. Python, on the other hand, doesn’t need the programmer to declare anything. Python uses an assignment statement to join an object with a name.  If a name has been assigned to an object of a specific type, the same name can later be assigned to a different object of a different type. Python can therefore be called a dynamically typed language.

Container objects in Java (ArrayList and Vectors) hold together the objects of a generic type, but fail to hold primitive data such as int. For the int to be stored in a vector, it must first be converted into a numerical value called an integer. Whenever an object is retrieved from a container, it loses its type. It must therefore be assigned a desired type. Python doesn’t need casting as it remembers its casting whenever an object is retrieved from the container. Python can hold objects of any type, including lists as well as numbers.

Java is verbose as it uses more words than the required number of words, whereas Python is concise as the query can be expressed using fewer words.

Java can be used to create apps that are platform independent. It means any computer running on the Java virtual machine can be used to run a Java app. Programmes running on Python need a compiler to turn the Python code into a code that can be understood by a particular operating system.

Python because of the former’s familiarity with braces and semi-colons. Python, on the other hand, uses syntactically-significant whitespaces which sets it apart from other mainstream languages.

Java has a single but large corporate sponsor (Sun Microsystems) whereas python’s support has been pretty much distributed.

Although both these languages are compiled using bytecodes running on Virtual Machines (VMs), but the fact that sets both these programming languages apart is the fact that Python automatically compiles the bytecodes at runtime whereas Java has a separate programme named Javac to undertake the same.

With Python being used quite extensively by programmers and web developers across the globe, the Python Programming for Beginners by QuickStart gives you a perfect opportunity to learn the art of programing if you are an aspiring web developer looking to make a mark in the market.

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