7 Six-Figure AI Careers to Consider in 2022


7 Six-Figure AI Careers to Consider in 2022

We interact with artificial intelligence on a regular basis. Whether you’re booking an online hotel reservation, using a mobile navigation app or depending on autocorrect to fix misspellings as you type, AI is virtually everywhere in modern culture.

Today, the demand for artificial intelligence experts who know how to build, optimize and troubleshoot AI applications has never been higher. A talent shortage in AI and machine learning means employers are searching high and low for skilled workers to fill key tech positions.

And with the AI market estimated to reach a $1.58 billion valuation by 2030 — a growth rate of nearly 40% — there’s never been a better time to consider a six-figure AI career.

Which AI career is right for me?

Each AI career option requires a unique skillset. Let’s dive into this year’s top AI career positions, to determine the career path that’s best for you.

1. Data scientist

Every day, companies generate new data — customer insights, website usage statistics, submitted user information, transaction details, supply chain data, etc. Without a qualified company employee who can filter data sets in a timely manner, entire libraries of information are lost on a weekly basis.

Data scientists are responsible for helping organizations organize, and draw conclusions from, the data they collect across all touchpoints. The best data scientists allow their employer to draw useful conclusions from the data they collect, on trends that help achieve success and provide insight into customer preferences.

On average, a data scientist earns $100,500 per year.

2. Software architect

Nearly every company relies on some type of software, to organize data and keep important files safe. Software architects help to create, maintain and troubleshoot these networks on a company’s behalf, to ensure that information is secure and data is kept readily accessible.

Software architects understand how to implement network architecture best practices, including standards in coding, platforms and object-oriented programming.

Software architect salaries can average $132,500 per year.

3. Robotics engineer

Contrary to popular belief, robots aren’t days away from stealing the majority of all corporate jobs. However, robotics can make professional work easier in a number of ways. With the right application, robotics can help any organization save time, money and effort, while improving customer reception and streamlining employee productivity.

As a robotics engineer, you might help a company implement robotics in a number of different applications. Some robotics engineers might install a robotics framework for assembly line purposes. In other cases, a robotics engineer might work alongside machine learning experts, to maintain a series of robotics applications that complete autonomous, repetitive tasks.

In the right environment, a robotics engineer will average $103,300 per year.

4. Machine learning engineer

Self-running artificial intelligence can automate many tasks for the right organization. Machine learning engineers create individual programs and machine-based algorithms that automate programs. Automated programs — without the need for human involvement — can save companies weeks, even months, in otherwise labor-intensive processes.

Machine learning engineers are responsible for designing machine learning systems meant to operate without oversight. As one of many lucrative machine learning career options, machine learning engineers build systems that verify data quality and automate complicated systems.

As a machine learning engineer, you can earn $127,800 per year.

5. UX designer

There’s arguably no more important contributor to an optimized user experience than a User Experience (UX) Designer. As a UX designer, your role is fundamental to creating applications that are easy for customers to interact with. You’ll likely need a working understanding of code, including Python for machine learning applications.

You’ll design full wireframes based on user needs, and split test assets with real users to gauge results.

Most importantly, you’ll work closely with a company’s sales, marketing and customer success teams to create applications and touchpoints that users need.

As a UX designer, you can expect to earn an estimated $115,700 per year.

6. AI engineer

AI engineers work with a variety of different artificial intelligence and machine learning modules — including natural language processing and neural networks — to build AI models.

Among other responsibilities, AI engineers ensure that all AI-enabled machines operate smoothly on a regular basis. You’ll learn to build AI systems that respond directly to user input, and perform a variety of tasks without the need for supervision. In addition, you’ll often deploy AI to solve problems in days that might take human employees weeks, even months.

AI engineers combine research, programming and user feedback to create internal and external processes. On your first day on the job as an AI engineer, your salary will average $164,700 per year.

7. Natural language processing (NLP) scientist

Natural language processing, often abbreviated NLP, refers to the capacity of a computer program to accurately comprehend spoken or written language.

As a natural language processing scientist, you’ll ideate, create and maintain one or more machines that can comprehend patterns of human language. These machines then use this understanding for a variety of different applications.

In some applications, an NLP scientist works along to build applications that understand language. In other cases, you’ll work in tandem with an NLP researcher and other team members, to build out a more robust NLP system.

On average, an NLP scientist can earn $147,900 per year.

What does my future in AI look like?

Getting started in AI and machine learning isn’t always easy. However, the right curriculum can help you expedite the learning curve and fulfill your dream AI career faster than you thought possible.

Imagine if you could learn every skill you’ll need for a meaningful AI career — in only 24 weeks. Our AI and Machine Learning Bootcamp is your ticket to the rewarding AI position you know you deserve. You’ll deepen your AI skillset in fundamental strategies like programming, model testing and natural language processing, through real-world labs taught by industry-leading mentors.

Start your application today if you’re ready for a six-figure career in AI.

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