6 Home-Based Jobs You Can Do After Taking Online IT Training Courses


6 Home-Based Jobs You Can Do After Taking Online IT Training Courses

Irrespective of whether you’re looking for respite from the conventional 9 to 5, or are simply unable to commute to a workplace on a daily basis due to any personal reasons, you don’t have to worry about finances, or wasting your earning potential by sitting at home.

Given the shift towards a digital workspace, there is plenty of opportunity for people to earn a decent living from the comfort of their living rooms through home-based jobs. Unlike olden times, thanks in part to the internet and the ease of experiences it provides, work-from-home jobs are not only legitimate, but also quite profitable, requiring nothing more than a few online IT training courses to give you a head-start on your earnings.

10 of the most popular – and lucrative – home based jobs that you can do after taking a relevant online IT training course, include the following:

1. Virtual Assistant

Most start-up entrepreneurial ventures opt for hiring self-employed virtual assistants in order to save on the office and employment costs. This gives a fantastic opportunity for work-from-home multi-taskers who are highly proficient in organization and managerial work. So popular is this niche, that it is estimated that the use of virtual assistants worldwide will reach a staggering 1.8 Billion by the year 2021.

A typical virtual assistant, given their expertise, experience, and efficiency usually begins earning from $15 to $25 per hour. However, depending on their level of skills, a virtual assistant can charge as much as $75 or more an hour.  

A virtual assistant’s job description often includes duties such as:

  • Arranging and managing calendars
  • Organizing meetings
  • Composing and replying to emails
  • typing and handing out memos
  • creating other business-related documents
  • Entering and maintaining data logs and Excel sheets
  • Assisting with social media
  • Responding to business and media queries

While virtual assistants can begin earning without a professional degree, in order to earn well it’s essential for them to be proficient in computer managerial skills, especially in the use of applications such as the MS Office.

2. Healthcare IT Technician

The healthcare industry is not limited to primary healthcare providers. It provides a very lucrative opportunity for proficient IT technicians, well versed in the art of managing and maintaining electronic health records following the shift of medical information online.

Healthcare IT technicians are quickly becoming the highest paid, non-medical healthcare professionals who have the provision of working from the comfort of their homes. A healthcare IT technician can expect to begin earning from approximately $70,000 per annum. However, in order to begin a career in this particular field, it is important for one to receive formal training to learn and develop the skills necessary to perform the tasks proficiently.

Luckily, for this home-based virtual job, there are a number of through online IT training courses that teach you the ins and outs of the profession – again, in the comfort of your own home.

3. Website Tester

Mobile supported websites are now considered a must for any business. However, with the sheer number of websites rolling out every day, there just isn’t enough time for developers to adequately test the website’s functionality and interface to ascertain user engagement and ease-of use thus opening up a window of opportunity for a new niche: Website Testers.

A website tester is paid by developing companies to use, test and perform user surveys of newly developed websites to review their functionality. Each test lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes, paying a dollar per minute rate for most.  Though no formal training is required, basic IT skills and web development knowledge is necessary to offer adequate reviews.

4. .Net Developer

There’s a rising need for web and .Net developers. However, there aren’t enough skilled developers out there. Luckily for home-based workers, there are plenty of online IT training courses available to teach you how to build blogs and websites for others. These courses range from bare basics to master-level advanced programs.

A .Net developer, depending on their proficiency, expertise and level of skill can expect to earn upwards of $100,000 per year.

5. Virtual Tutor

While there are professional virtual classrooms, in order to professionally teach, even if it’s online, one needs to have a relevant degree and state license. However, tutoring online has no such requirements.

If you are proficient in a subject, have the basic IT skills to maneuver online teaching portals, you can easily set up shop as a virtual tutor and convert your den into your home office.

6. IT Project Manager

Large companies often require the expertise of a project manager specializing in the IT field who can manage to delegate projects, coordinate work roles between teams and team members, and communicate with the consumers as part of performance reporting following the completion of a job. Such a person need not be present in person within the workspace but should consistently be available to smooth out any project management odds and ends as need be.

For professionals within the IT industry in search of remote jobs, this is the perfect opportunity. It not only allows them to utilize their considerable IT skills but also work from home at their own convenience.

If you fit the bill, then a career as an IT project manager is perfect for you.

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