5 Reasons Why Data Security Training Should Be a Vital Part of Enterprise IT Budgets in 2019


5 Reasons Why Data Security Training Should Be a Vital Part of Enterprise IT Budgets in 2019

It is all well implementing the greatest and latest in security technology to help protect organizations from the growing cyber threats. However, this does not seclude certain types of organizations from the rest. In fact, it has become more important than ever for all businesses and vulnerable organizations to create a successful and reliable culture of security.

With the hacking events evolving at a rapid pace, the importance of dedicating a certain budget for cybersecurity has become vital. It has become more regular to come across news related to organizations being hacked around the world. Unfortunately, just investing in technology for improving cybersecurity isn't enough. It is usually the human factor that turns out to be the weakest link when it comes to data security. Therefore, it is must to offer data security training to your IT professionals as well as other members of the organization.

Setting a Budget for Data Security Training in 2019 for IT Enterprises

The cyber threat is growing and becoming highly sophisticated. Even technology can fail to completely avoid security breach incidents. This overly stated and simple fact might sound like a catchphrase, but recalling incidents such as the WannaCry attack or the famous Target case clearly shows that even the best technology in hand can fail if the human aspect is not taken care of.

This is where the awareness in security plays a key role. While it is important to implement the best and most reliable technology that helps keep cybersecurity threats at bay, it is equally important to also set a budget for training the employees with data security training and offering them certifications to prepare them to handle situations like hacking or a security breach. Information security training offers the awareness and conditioning you require in your IT enterprise to deal with security threat possibilities. But before you jump to a conclusion, the following are top x reasons to convince you why having a budget for information security training and certification such as NetApp data protection and Securing databases; vital for every organization running today.

Embracing Corporate-Wide

In order for it to be really successful at the overall hierarchical point, information security must be embraced corporate-wide. It will be a much easier task if the corporate culture adheres to the new security focus for a better understanding of roles and responsibilities. Setting a proper budget for training and certification will make the team members perceive it as of great importance and improve acceptance. Also, involving people from different departments and positions will further make it a point that data security is crucial and shouldn't be taken lightly.

Reduced Time to Detect Security Incidents

Having users who are already aware of security does not mean lesser incidents. But since they are well aware of the ins and outs, they are aware of what compromises the security event and how it should be reported. Thus, the revealing time will certainly be less. Meaning that a large number of events may be avoided and even the ones that take place will have an improved response, and therefore, little impact.

Support Compliance Efforts

If your business comes under legislation such as Sarbanes-Oxley 404 or the company is interested in having security values similar to ISO, an awareness plan is crucial. The business should make sure that users are aware of the security guidelines, danger, hazards, and predictable activities. Data security training will provide wide-ranging support of compliance efforts and the dedication to the higher-level management related to information security.

Minimize Potential Risk

When you offer professional level data security training to your employees, they do not only gain knowledge related to web safety but also become smarter in recognizing online behavior. Training creates awareness, which can enable an employee to avoid potential risks that could result due to lack of proper knowledge. Moreover, training further enables the IT staff to identify the patterns for potential and current security concerns to stay more alert. It is believed that insider employee can be the ultimate target for hackers to cause security breach. This can be reversed and proved wrong with proper information security training. The security training does not only include information but also practical knowledge that can set real hacking incidents as examples to enable the team to learn everything required to stay ahead of the hackers.

Establish a Secure Environment

By offering cybersecurity training, an organization can guarantee a much safer and strong security environment. When the organization has a strong internal system, there are less chances of security breaches. Eventually, the cost associated with installing expensive technology systems also reduces. Every member of the team is on the lookout of the threats and vulnerabilities. They are aware and prepared with the best methods to respond to and report the incident right away. They are also able to use the existing technology in the best possible way to avoid a breach. Last but not least, it helps improve the overall execution of the organization's information security processes, policies, checksums, and standards.


An organization can rely on a few signs to be completely sure about the success of their security program. One of the best ways to measure a reliable cyber security training program is when the employees feel individually responsible for playing a role to avoid data security breaches. They should be able to keep their computers locked, avoid malicious downloads and phishing emails, report suspicious phone calls and emails right away, create strong passwords, and try to stay on the same page as the higher authority in the business.

If you can observe these changes in your organization, then surely you have invested in the right training program. To set up a budget and ensure it does not go in vain, get in touch with us today and learn about your data security training options. Still, have further questions then connect with our experts.

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