Educate End Users to Increase Efficiency


Educate End Users to Increase Efficiency

There are multiple types of technologies that organizations are leveraging these days to power better work processes and reduce redundancy. However, the biggest roadblock that organizations usually face when incorporating such high end technologies into their processes is the difficulty end users face in operating or working with these technologies.

Whether its making employees learn about relevant DevOps practices or to acclimatize them with the latest cloud migration techniques for AWS platform, on-job education based training is vital to ensure that efficiency is realized through the introduction of innovative and disruptive work technologies.

But, most organizations don’t give enough weightage to the importance of educating end users on a continuous basis because of the ambiguity surrounding the advantages that will accrue from this whole exercise. Educating end users obviously has a high cost involved and stakeholders wont agree to it unless they see really worthwhile benefits from investing in it.

So to clear up the issue, here are the advantages that an organization can benefit from by educating end users with reference to efficiency:

Increased Focus on Business Critical Tasks

An employee that doesn’t have expert level proficiency in operating a certain system will spend much more time on using that particular system than is necessary. On top of this, this employee would also not be familiar with the full scope of utilities that this technology can offer, further downsizing the efficiency that the organization could leverage out of its investment in the technology.

This issue makes the employee focus less on important tasks like strategizing or business planning, which are more important. To counter this issue, a consistent program of employee education is critical to provide end users with the relevant knowledge base to be able to use and deploy these tools with ease. It also allows them be at par with industry standards and updates with regards to that field, making them catch on faster to newer versions of the technology that could otherwise be the case.

Lesser Issues Related To Security Endpoints

One of the foremost techniques deployed by cyber-criminals these days is to attack vulnerabilities that often arise as a case of end users not following safe cyber-practices. This issue becomes even more pronounced when the user is engaging with newer technologies that it isn’t well versed with.

Security breaches are not a small issue and the amount of damages that a big attack can cause to an organization’s systems can be catastrophic. From ransomware locking down important systems to a breach in databases containing sensitive client information, a successful cyber-attack can cause multiple serious issues.

To counter this, organizations mostly task the IT team solely to patch up the issues, but this approach is just half right. That’s because it doesn’t consider users as an important wedge in keeping the security of the system safe.

End user education with regards to any tool or technology usually comprise of aspects which are related to keeping the security of the technology in the intended manner. Once the user acquires it, he/she will know exactly the kind of ideal practices to follow in order to ramp up the firm’s cyber & system security arsenal. This also saves the time of IT teams in handling this issue along with saving the firm a high amount of financial resources which could’ve gone into fixing a cyber-attack related issue.

Mitigate The Impact of Performance Gaps

Every organization has a set of targets that it wants to hit, but this cannot happen unless the employee is not just invested fully in the assigned work but also knows how to accomplish the task in the most streamlined manner possible. But employees often have performance gaps which affect their ability to accomplish this feat.

One of the biggest advantages of educating end users is that it not just provides them with new knowledge but also fills up many of their performance gaps that were caused by ambiguity related to some important components required to match up to the expectations of a certain task.

Modern day courses for educating end users are designed with these KPIs in mind and have helped a lot of organizations in ending the performance gap issues common in their workforce.

Customized IT Training & Courses Are Available

For every organization, the realization of efficiency is a task that’s related to how their processes and requirements pan out. Each organization has an entirely unique set of needs for which it needs to train its employees but usually, the one-size-fits-all approach in the domain of education for end users was a big obstruction in serving this issue.

However, online IT training and course centers these days like Quickstart now offer customized courses for a wide variety of niches that are exceptional in covering all major training needs of an organization. An organization looking to train its end users in order to achieve optimum efficiency can definitely make use of resources like these to acquire customized solutions to serve its diverse set of needs.

Wrapping Things Up

With the rise of technologies like AWS, Kubernetes, Containerization and others, organizations now have a wide domain of tools from which they can gain a significant amount of advantages. But most of our modern education systems stemming from conventional academic institutions often fall short of teaching their students about these emerging technologies and how they can be used and implemented in organizations.

When a new employee joins the workforce who has had such an academic background, it becomes difficult for it to learn and work with these technologies right from the word go. On top of this, employees who are not that tech savvy and have been in the workforce for long also lack skills to work with these technologies. Education by the organization on how to work and leverage these technologies is the only way that efficiency at its most optimum level can be realized in a firm.

And once the employees know that the organization is really invested in enhancing their existing skill sets, it will accrue other advantages as well like enhanced job security, lessened ambiguity, increase motivation etc. Therefore investing in educating end users is definitely a win-win situation for both the organization and employee and this should be a process that should become a part of any organization’s growth strategy moving in the fast paced corporate environment.

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