How to Become Linux Administrator


How to Become Linux Administrator

On 17 September 1991, Linus Torvalds launched Linux. It is, right now, a widely used open-source operating system. The entire system took global technology by storm, and slowly many companies shifted to Linux from Windows. In 2019, 95% of the servers on the world's top domains were powered by Linux, and as much as 85% of smartphones were based on this powerful operating system. The Linux trend has also given rise to Linux administrator training. Given the usage of Linux, the career scope certainly seems high, and now many seem to be pursuing their career within the same niche.

The question is, what is it about Linux that it has created massive waves in the industry?

Let’s dig in deeper and know what is all the hype about!

Importance of Linux


Unlike Windows OS, Linux is less prone to threats and hacks. Windows users have to rely on some anti-virus to reduce the element of attacks. However, this is not the case with Linux users. No doubt, it has made the data of the companies much more secure, and this is why the most prominent companies around the globe depend on Linux.

Reduced Costs

It is, of course, the biggest and the most important advantage for the companies, especially those with a limited budget for IT. Linux minimizes a company's expenses by being available to the public for free. Yes, you don't really have to pay for the services and products offered by Linux, and the saved amount instead can be used on enhancing the business practices in other ways.

Suited to a Range of Hardware

The hardware requirements change as the operating systems evolve. For instance, windows 10 has certain hardware requirements without which it would not run smoothly. With Linux, you can revive back any of your old hardware. Linux offers options that are compatible with the low-end systems and enable it to run smoothly.


Windows tend to slow down after a specific period or with an increase in usage. You will have to reinstall to bring back the original performance. For Linux users, this is not the case at all because it makes the system run smoothly for a long time without rebooting the system or reinstalling Linux. The fact that 100% of the supercomputers run on Linux is enough to prove its reliability. Not only this, but big companies like Google and Facebook also count on Linux, making it the most desirable platform to use.

Linux Admin: Job Role

Considering the importance of Linux, individuals wish to become a Linux administrator. However, it is crucial to understand the job role you are going to have as a Linux administrator.

So here we go with the core responsibilities of a Linux administrator.

Set up Linux Systems

Linux administrator installs and set up Linux systems, including the back-end databases. It does not just end at installing the system but also ensuring that the system operates smoothly and quickly.

Perform System Maintenance

After installing the system, Linux administrators also have to look after its maintenance in a routine based manner. The professionals are supposed to resolve issues and errors that may arise to keep the performance levels high.

Create Backups

Linux professionals are also responsible for creating system backups keeping in mind the industry standards. Backups need to be done weekly or more frequently depending upon the nature of the business, its needs and the system  itself.

Monitor Performance

Linux administrators have to keep a close watch on the performance of the system. Factors causing downtime and crashes need to be detected and resolved at the earliest. For this, it is important to get reports from end-users or examine traffic logs.

Provide Support and Guidance

Providing technical support and guidance is another important responsibility. Professionals regularly need to provide support to the users and work closely with the related personnel to answer their technical queries.

Control System Security

Maintaining system security is a crucial job for Linux administrators. The individuals need to be very vigilant when it comes to detecting faults within the architecture of the system. As a Linux administrator, you should have comprehensive information about viruses and threats to the system and develop reliable security techniques.

How to Become a Linux Administrator?

There are specific skills and qualifications required to become a Linux administrator. However, you need to identify if you have these skills before you sign up for a formal qualification or a Linux system administrator training.

  • Server Administration
  • Programming and Coding
  • Analytical Skills
  • Information Security
  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Communication Skills

You are not expected to be extremely well-versed in the mentioned areas, but having an explicit basic knowledge makes the journey more comfortable.

Apart from a four-year degree program in IT, you need to go through specialized training and certifications designed for Linux.

  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator
  • Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • SUSE Certified Administrator
  • Oracle Linux OCA and OCP

There are many more certifications within the same field that enhance your skills to pave your path to success. To enroll yourself in any of the courses, you need to get in touch with a reliable institute offering such programs. However, make sure the institute is credible because your future depends on it.

The certifications give you a chance to gain real-time experience, which later adds value to your experience as a professional in the field.


Given the importance and success of Linux all over the world, building a career in it can be considered quite a sound decision. However, you cannot survive in the field if you don't have what it takes to take the pressure induced by the field and, of course, the certifications.

Sign up for our courses now if you believe you are the best fit for the role. Our courses are designed to enhance your skills and equip you with a great deal of knowledge required to become a Linux administrator.

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