How To Prepare For The PMI-ACP Exam


How To Prepare For The PMI-ACP Exam

With the demand for proficient project managers increasing in different industries, project management is turning into a highly coveted field. A great academic background just does not cut it anymore as the employers are looking for candidates with specific skill sets that include mastery in agile techniques for project management. With the Agile community growing in numbers, organizations are making use of Agile methodologies to execute their projects in a dynamic environment. An Agile Certified Practitioner ACP who is accomplished in the latest methodologies can be a real asset for any organization. The many benefits of the PMI-ACP exam, which makes it ideal for all project management aspirants are listed as follows:

1. Better Professional Growth

This certification demonstrates to the employer your level of professionalism in Agile practices needed in project management and enhances your professional versatility in project management tools. The knowledge gained helps you in your professional growth.

2. Massive Scope

PMI-ACP consists of a broad range of Agile methodologies like Scrum, XP, FDD, DSDM, Kanban, and Crystal. With such a wide scope, you are able to make a choice in your career as per your preference.

3. Great Value in Market

With a PMI-ACP certification, your resume looks much better and you gain instant credibility. This certification makes you a valuable employee and increases your demand in an Agile environment.

Such amazing advantages make this course ideal for anyone looking to get into the field of project management. However, one has to crack the PMI-ACP exam first before he can reap all the benefits of the course.


Preparing for PMI-ACP Exam

Agile Certified Practitioner ACP Exam Preparation is extremely important for gaining the coveted certification. We can divide the preparation in two parts:

A. Things you need

B. Approach


A. Things you need

1. PMI-ACP Handbook

The PMI-ACP Handbook gives you all the details of the Exam process, including exam policies and procedures.

2. Time for PMI-ACP Exam Prep

As this is not an examination you can just learn in a few days, you need to set aside some time for it. Plan to take the exam after spending 10-12 solid weeks of studying for an hour or two just about every day.

3. PMI-ACP Books and Study Plan

After setting aside a decent amount of time for your preparation, you need to schedule your studies and buy the necessary books for the course. You can either look for the books yourself online or you can take help of professionals in finding the right source material. Going for Agile Certified Practitioner ACP Certification is a much better alternative as you won’t have to worry about scheduling your studies and collecting study material.

4. PMI-ACP Training

You can take a self-study course online on your personal computer or any of your portable devices. There is no need to go to a particular institute and waste your precious time in travelling; you can access the classes in the comfort of your living room.

5. PMI-ACP Exam Sample Questions

A large number of free PMI-ACP sample questions are available from a variety of resources on the internet. Your study plan must include answering as many practice questions as possible and taking several complete 120-question practice exams. This type of preparation will allow you to evaluate your study progress and prepare you for the format of the real thing.

B. Approach

Your approach towards your preparation is extremely important for success in your endeavors. Below is a step by step approach that you can follow for best results:

  1. 1. Understand eligibility, exam content and references
  2. 2. Review the PMI-ACP Handbook and make a high level plan to target
  3. 3. Use the PMI-ACP Examination Content Outline to guide your study
  4. 4. Review the current PMI-ACP reference list
  5. 5. Enroll in a formal study course offered by Registered Education Providers
  6. 6. Make sure that you do some mock tests
  7. 7. Repeat your mock tests till you get desired percentage for your last two tests


With the right approach and the right course, you will surely crack the exam.


Finding the Right Course

With many offerings from different training institutes, it can become difficult for anyone to select a course. For consistent career growth and making a mark in the industry, QuickStart’s Agile Certified Practitioner ACP training offers an amazing opportunity. Your association with QuickStart also provides a lifetime access for self-paced courses. QuickStart is known to shape the careers with nearly three decades of experience in personalized IT training.

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