How Much Do Certified Digital Forensics Examiners Make, and How Can I Become One?


How Much Do Certified Digital Forensics Examiners Make, and How Can I Become One?

The Certified Digital Forensics Examiners training teaches you about the methodology for conducting a computer forensic exam. The forensics certification is given to those who have learned electronic discovery and advanced investigation techniques. The knowledge gained through this course can be used for recognizing, seizing, and presenting digital evidence.

Average Salary of Certified Digital Forensics Examiners

The average salary of a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner is estimated at $68,967 per year, with some of more sought-after experts making $120,000 per year. The primary task of a forensics examiner is to process large amounts of data to find specific items on behalf of their organization. The examiner handles computer storage devices to analyze user patterns by utilizing different computer programs to recover information from the destroyed media devices. The forensics examiner also prepares detailed reports after running computer analysis software applications. This task takes quite a lot of effort and time which is the primary reason a certified digital forensics examiner receives a handsome paycheck.

Becoming a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner

There are multiple paths that can be chosen to become a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner. Here is a step by step explanation:

1. Get an Education in Computer Science (or A Related Field)

Though there are no educational requirements for becoming a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, yet a college degree or certificate in a relevant field, such as computer science or criminal justice, can be quite helpful.

2. Gain InfoSec Work Experience

While the requirements for different organizations are different, in general you cannot become a forensics examiner straight out of college. You need to have a few years of experience in the infosec industry before you can become a digital forensics examiner.

3. Get Licensed

A few states require computer forensic examiners to be licensed as private investigators. The requirements may include a certain amount of education, passing a criminal background check and an exam. For states that do not require the license, the procedure is comparatively simple. However, you should try getting a license for added credibility and better exposure.

4. Get Certification for Better Salary

In order to become a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner, one needs to undergo digital forensics training. Once you complete the training, you have to give a certification test. On passing the test, you will receive your digital forensics certification.

Few tips for better Results

On your path towards a better career, you can make use of the following tips for better results in your career:

Research organizational and vendor certifications: Before gaining forensics certification, it is a good idea to research the options available and what employers are looking for. Some employers require experience in specific software that offers vendor certification, like EnCase Certified Examiner (EnCE) designation. You should specialize in such software before applying for the job.

Stay current: Always keep yourself ahead of the competition by staying current. By staying abreast of the latest technological advances, you will be adequately prepared for the job interviews which will help you in landing your dream job. Make sure that you attend classes and seminars in fraud detection programs and other computer software and systems for better understanding of the current technology. Knowledge about current trends will add to your digital forensics certification and you will be able to crack interviews with ease.

Challenges for Aspiring Candidates

While it may seem lucrative and attractive, getting into an organization as a Certified Digital Forensics Examiner is not easy. With a large number of eligible candidates in the fray, the competition for this position is intense. In order to stand out from the crowd, you need to develop a skill set that impresses the decision makers and gets you the job. You can overcome the challenge of competition by getting the best training possible.


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