How to Use Army COOL to Grow Your Military & Civilian Career


How to Use Army COOL to Grow Your Military & Civilian Career

The military is a department of respect for any country in the world. The military veteran, no matter how they served, are respected, since they sacrifice their lives or a big part of their time for their country.

Families of militants suffer as well, as they face various problems throughout this process. An army officer has to shift from place to place after a decided period, and the family moves with them. Kids have to leave their schools, and spouses have to leave behind their jobs. It can be a difficult thing for both kids and spouses, as it is not an easy thing to settle down in a new school and find a new job. For a military veteran, it is also difficult to keep up with everything. The soldier is stuck with it, because either they are passionate about it or are stuck due to financial problems.

There is always a time in a militant's life when he or she tries to look for a civilian job after their service. But even after retirement, they have to feed their family. Although there are many funding programs for military veterans and their families, a civilian job is a guarantee of safety. It will not be difficult to find a civilian job, because you have some powerful skills that employers value—skills like discipline, work ethic and teamwork. Also, there are hundreds of civilian jobs in which your military experience can be valuable. You can get help by using Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL).

Army Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL)

Army Credentialing Opportunity Online (COOL) is a program for militants that can utilize their army training and service and transfer it to civilian credentials. By using the program, a military veteran can apply for any civilian job and stand right for it. There are different lists and conditions for all the forces that can be found in their departments. This program has been a great help for the ones who have nowhere else to work. This program does not only help militants in civilian jobs but also within the military to advance their rank. If put in points, an army officer can get credentials in the following scenarios.

  • You can get credentials for a higher military specialty if you want a higher rank.
  • You can get credentials for a civilian job and get it just like a civilian.
  • Credentials to fill the gap between civilian training and army.
  • It provides you the training you need to apply for civilian jobs after retirement, and you get that training while on the job.

Why Would a Soldier go for a Civilian Job?

It is a wrong concept that military officers apply for the Army COOL program just to get a civilian job after their retirement. In most cases, a militant applies for the Army COOL program to get promoted at his or her current military job. That helps them in civilian jobs too, as these programs are convertible to credentials for civilian jobs, and those skills can be used as well. These programs give them an edge over others, in the military and a civilian job.

Steps to Start with Army COOL to Grow your Career

There are always some steps involved when we want to apply for something. If you want to get credentials from Army COOL training, you need to follow these steps.

  • There is a feature of Army COOL that finds you the most appropriate training or course as per your requirement and helps you decide how to translate these courses into civilian credentials.
  • After looking at everything and selecting your best-suited course, you need to know what are the requirements of the course you selected.
  • Paying the fees for the course is the next step. In this step, you need to know the resources you will be using to pay your fee.
  • After figuring out everything, now is the time to apply for the course, prepare for it and pass the exam to get the credentials.

In the end, after all the discussion and long talks, it is right to say Army COOL is an amazing option for all military veterans. It’s especially useful for those who want to continue their work-life after retiring from the military. If you want to grow your military career or start a civilian work-life after retirement, you won’t regret it.

Enroll in our Army COOL programs to get started. Connect with our experts to learn more about Army COOL. 

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