6 Advantages of CCNA Certification for Potential Networking Professionals


6 Advantages of CCNA Certification for Potential Networking Professionals

The CCNA (Cisco Certified Networking Associate) certification has gained remarkable growth and popularity in the industry and has become one of the most popular IT certifications in the world with the most value.

The focus of the certification primarily lies in developing skills to match the rapid growth and deployment of technologies, keeping the current sophisticated networking environment in mind. With CCNA certification, you can prove your advanced networking skills and knowledge and can be recognized as an expert in the field.

IT experts are looking for different methods to improve the technological base of their business to boost the operational capabilities of the organization. However, it is crucial for any business looking to grow in this field to utilize the benefits of latest knowledge and skill set, which can only be earned through the right training and certification, especially, where there are such a variety of technological Cisco training and certifications such as CCNA Service Provider and CCNP[AR1]  available as an option.

Digging Deeper into CCNA Certification

The CCNA certification is basically a designation given to an IT expert that has the proven evidence of completing CCNA. Completing the certification requires training and passing the exam. CCNA candidates can work at different levels of IT positions - from beginners to professionals.

The idea behind this Cisco training is to serve the basic standard to the IT professionals with the knowledge of operating systems and Cisco networking.

There are nine different specializations in CCNA certification, and the professionals can choose from the options to gain specialized skills to fill in the gaps for getting better IT jobs.

Potential Benefits for CCNA Certification for Networking Professionals

As mentioned earlier, CCNA is one of the most valued and leading IT certifications for networking professionals. Having the certification under the belt, you can expect a career growth in the networking scale.

Not only it boosts your career, but it also gives you opportunities of a lifetime and offers you a chance to work with some of the best and highest paying tech companies in the industry.

Proof of Your Professional Qualification

According to a Cisco survey, the best way to get chosen for a specialized networking role is to gain certifications and training program.

In fact, a certification program comes right after a four-year degree as far as the job qualification is concerned. Results showed how the degree was 51% and certifications 49% as a critical part of hiring and recruiting people. This makes CCNA certification one of the requirements for IT managers to find the best and most suitable talent for the position.

Improved Expertise

Certification means better training, more knowledge, and a wider skill set for Cisco networking. It helps improve your expertise and widen your understanding of the concept and how it is operated.

Opting for it will definitely grant you more knowledge and information that can be applied in your professional life. With CCNA certification, you will not only understand the basic theory but also the advanced fundamentals of networking.

In short, certifications help you open more doors of outstanding opportunities within the networking field. Even if you are a fresh graduate with no experience, a CCNA certification can increase your chances of finding a great opportunity than any other fresher in the market.

Lucrative Monetary Benefits

Salary increment is one of the best advantages that CCNA certification can guarantee you. Whether you are looking for a job switch or eyeing a higher position within the same organization, an additional certificate is the validation of your increased potential, skills, and productivity. The organization usually rewards this by offering you a salary increment and a higher position and better roles in networking.

With additional Cisco training and certifications, you will also be in a stronger position to negotiate for a bigger salary. Also, keeping the competitiveness in the market in mind, an organization wouldn't lose a skilled IT professional to the competitors offering higher salaries and will adjust accordingly.

Higher Position

You can look forward to promotion in addition to the salary hike after becoming CCNA certified. Some organizations value it more than any other thing you can gain. And thus, to climb the stairs of success within the same organizations, getting certifications can be a great idea.

Also, some enterprises require a person to gain certain certifications to get to a higher position. This is kind of a prerequisite that needs to be fulfilled. With CCNA certification, you can take one step ahead to a bigger, brighter career.

An asset to the Organization

Regardless of which Cisco certification you choose, you instantly become a valuable asset to the company - with your upgraded skills and knowledge. It does not only boost your productivity and professional growth but also helps the organization achieve the same when you implement what you have learned.

Also, your organization can get amazing discounts on Cisco products if they have a representative with the certifications. And don't forget, most organizations that utilize Cisco products are large corporations, who can afford the high-graded technology.

Therefore, with CCNA certification, you do have a chance to work with bigger and significant companies in the world.

First Step to Success

Regardless of how great you are doing, your career needs a push at one point. That could be your ultimate step to success. With Cisco certification, you can make your upgraded skills the step of the ladder for your networking career.

More improvement of knowledge and career are possible and will present more opportunities to you. CCNA is just the starting essential, and there are many other certifications you can gain to give a boost to your IT career right away.

Last but not the least, CCNA is for everyone. Whether you are looking for growth, shifting career, or want to start up at a good point, the networking field has vast areas to offer you job growth if you have CCNA certification under your belt. The networking industry is expected to grow at an impressive pace and stepping up as the technology progresses is the best way to stay in the game.

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