Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Server+ Certification


Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Server+ Certification

If you are interested in working in data centers or different cloud environments and wish to pursue a career in this field, then you have landed on the right page!

CompTIA Server+ certification training allows professionals to develop the skills needed to work in cloud environments of data centers. A professional having being certified with this credential is capable of working in any environment. Why, do you ask? Because CompTIA Server+ is the only vendor-neutral certification which covers the major server platforms and thus equips the professionals with the knowledge needed to work in diverse situations and environments. Additionally, this is the only certification in the industry which is designed to include the latest server technologies such as security, virtualization, as well as network attached storage.

CompTIA Certification training for Server+ equips professionals from the field the skills which are essential for becoming a server administrator. Candidates who receive the credential are able to understand and excel at security, storage, virtualization, and troubleshooting.  

What to Expect?

The Server+ Certification by CompTIA has been designed to endorse the skills of a candidate for building, maintaining, supporting, and troubleshooting server software as well as hardware. The course exam covers 6 key IT domains server skills, such as software, system hardware, IT, storage, troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and environment. The certification has been designed to be undertaken by system engineers, network administrators, hardware technicians, help desk technicians, as well as any other IT Professional who wish to obtain an in-depth knowledge of troubleshooting, disaster recovery, and server technology. Candidates appearing in CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam should have at least 1.5 – 2 years of experience in working with server hardware as well as software technologies.   

While there are no prerequisites to the CompTIA Server+ Certification, it is recommended by instructors as well as field technicians to have CompTIA A+ certification prior to opting for this credential. The CompTIA A+ curriculum provides basic knowledge of the numerous concepts that are built upon and explained in greater detail in the Server+ certification, therefore, it is always better to have your basics sorted out. Many of the renowned organizations, such as Cisco, Microsoft, and Novell require candidates having this certification in specific advanced certification tracks, and is even supported and required by many of the other non-IT organizations, looking to hire IT Professionals. The Server + credential is a basic requirement of Lenovo, HP, and Intell for the position of server technicians.

There are different skills areas which are focused on during the CompTIA’s Server+ curriculum, and are integral for the exam, which checks;

  • The candidate's ability to implement and upgrade storage devices along with system hardware
  • The candidate is capable of installing, configuring, as well as updating Network Operating Systems.
  • The candidate is capable of implementing backups, disaster recovery procedures, as well as restorations.
  • The candidate is capable of understanding the features, concepts, and considerations of server virtualization
  • The candidate is capable of writing, using, and maintaining server procedures, diagrams, and documentation.
  • The candidate is capable of understanding the various server types, including DNS Server, File Server, and Web Server.
  • The candidate is capable of troubleshooting server related issues, by utilizing the right methods and tools.
  • The candidate is capable of determining a suitable area for housing and setting up physical servers.

In order to obtain this credential, the candidate should clear the CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam SK0-004. It is also recognized by the US Department of Defense along with Microsoft. A candidate having CompTIA Server+ Certification can earn up to $83,000/- per annum, and can work in the role of the server administrator, systems administrator, technical support specialist, network manager, and PC maintenance and repair. This certification provides the foundation requires by professionals from the field in networking, PC hardware, and software. Employers, who screen resumes for job interviews and shortlist candidates, look for this certification. The chances of you landing a good job, in the organization of your choice, increase after being certified with CompTIA Server+. While most of the recruiters may not understand the technical aspects of having a certification, but they definitely understand its value. So, the doors to many new opportunities open when you have this certification added to your resume.

The CompTIA Server+ Certification is Universal, meaning that it is accepted by all organizations, and has even been accredited by the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and well as ISO (International Standard Organization).

Getting Certified

The candidate can decide on their own which test date and time is feasible for them and then schedule a test accordingly. If, for some reason, a candidate is unable to clear the test in the first try, then he or she can attempt it a second time as soon as the candidate wants. However, upon not clearing the exam the second time, the candidate must wait for 14 days or two weeks, before reapplying for the exam.

This certification is designed to develop a candidate’s skill set, so that he or she can excel in his or her career. Not only that, the job opportunities available for the IT Professionals, along with the growth opportunities that this certification provides, is one of the key reasons why this certification has gained so much popularity since its introduction and update. It is also one of those certifications which once obtained, help in becoming the platform that allows you to leap into a successful career. It is also an instructor led course, which can be enrolled into with CompTIA Certified trainers or other related platforms, to help students be better prepared for CompTIA Server+ exam. 

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