Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Linux+ Certification


Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA Linux+ Certification

If you’re searching for a sure cut method of taking your professional career up a notch, then CompTIA Linux+ Certification Training is exactly what you need. Being a vendor-neutral certification, it ensures that the course content is designed to provide the optimal level of information so that the knowledge obtained can be applied in maximum areas. This certification is targeted towards Linux Network Administrators having a minimum of one year’s experience as a Linux Administrator. However, before deciding to enroll in this certification, the candidate should have prior experience in package management, deployment, shells, GNU and Unix Commands, security, scripting, and more. So make sure that you have experience in any or all of them, as that would be a plus!

Obtaining this certification shows that you have the capabilities that companies look for in a system administrator able to support Linux systems. CompTIA Linux+ is designed to cover multiple topics and distributions, thereby, it helps in validating the skills, used for preventing platform lock-in and even encourages different flexible approaches to troubleshooting a Linux System.  

While there is no pre-requisite to this certification, it is highly recommended for a candidate to have A+ and Network+ certifications. In order to obtain this credential, a candidate enrolled in this course should pass two examinations. Upon clearing the two exam, namely _____________ and _____________, candidates are able to master;

  • Command Line Interface
  • System Configuration
  • Services and settings of a network
  • Basics of Scripting and
  • System Security

Is Opting for Linux+ Certification Worth It?

If you are looking to grow in your career after landing a job at a good organization, then this certification will definitely serve as the foundation you build on. There are a lot of benefits of obtaining this certification, with the primary being that employers search for people who are CompTIA Linux+ Certified. According to a survey conducted in May 2018, the majority of recruitment platforms such as LinkedIn, Simply Hired, Indeed, and Jobs Linkup request for or prefer candidates having Linux+ as a certification in their job postings. This shows that many of the hiring managers and HR people value the certification regardless of the position that is being posted. Additionally, earning this certification opens doors to new opportunities for you. Upon clearing CompTIA Linux+ Certification, candidates are also awarded the LPI LPIC-1 and SUSE CLA (Certified Linux Administrator) certifications. The addition of these three certifications greatly helps in landing the job of your dreams, and ensures a successful career, with immense growth opportunities. Employers will swarm around you, like bees’ swarm around their hive.  Unlike other certifications, The CompTIA Linux+ Certification is for life, meaning you will not be required to get a renewal after three years, as it does not have Continuing Education Requirements.

According to PayScale the average income a person having Linux+ can earn is between $68,000 - $74,000/- per annum.

Passing the Exam of Linux+

Linux+ Exam LX0-103 is the first step in becoming certified with this credential. Both the exams consist of 60 MCQs (multiple choice questions), that need to be answered within 90 minutes, and if the candidate scores 500 or more on a scale of 200-800, then they can obtain this certification. Certmaster can be used to prepare for the examination, which, once cleared will make your CV highly impressive for all recruiters.

Linux+ Exam LXO-104 needs to be cleared in order to obtain the certification. It consists of Shells, scripting and data management, which makes up 17% of the exam. During the course, students also learn about desktops and user interfaces, which makes up 8% of the exam. 20% of the exam is taken up by administrative tasks, whereas, 23% focus is on networking fundamentals. The remaining 17% and 15% is occupied by essential system service, and security respectively.

Under shells, scripting, and data management, candidates learn about the process of customizing and utilizing shell environment, along with the development and customization of simple scripts, followed by the management of SQL Data. On the other hand, user interfaces and desktops consist of installing and configuring X11, along with understanding the proper usage of setup display manager, and accessibility. These cover a range of sub-topics which helps in preparing the candidate in deciding the best course of action to take.

The administrative tasks, which again form a major chunk of the exam teach about group and user management, along with the use of scheduling jobs for automating the System Administrative tasks, and finally covers topics related to internationalization, and localization.

Job Prospects

With the world moving towards digital technology and its acceptance, and continuing to evolve by the second, the need for IT Professionals has increased and is expected to increase in the coming years. So, then, raises the question, what kind of job market can a candidate having CompTIA Linux+ Certification expect, and are the job prospects really lucrative opportunities for the candidates. Depending on the job applied for, the candidates having CompTIA Linux+ Certification can earn a handsome package depending on which job level they have. According to the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), a computer systems analyst can earn up to $88,000/- or more per annum. Whereas, a Computer and Information Research Scientist can earn up to $114,000/-, while a computer network architect, they may also earn as high as 105,000/- per annum. For Database Administrators, the demand is expected to grow by 11% from 2016-2026 (BLS).

Now that you have learned everything you needed to know regarding CompTIA Linux+ Certification, you can be sure to make an informed decision regarding whether or not the certification is right for you. Not only does getting certified with it will make your CV stronger, it will also earn you opportunities, which would otherwise, had been out of your reach. To enroll in this instructor-led course, and take the first step in adding a certification to your resume, which will become the foothold for all future certifications. 

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