CASP or CISSP: How to Grow Your Security Career


CASP or CISSP: How to Grow Your Security Career

Daily news segments continue to reveal that Information Security professionals are in high demand. Data, whether big or small, is the lifeline of most businesses and they are willing to do what it takes to protect this information.

This is great news for current IT professionals who are exploring next career steps, as this particular IT discipline has the potential to be lucrative. However, deciding to pursue a career in Information Security is only the first step. Aspiring security analysts must also get proper training and eventually consider certification. But which certification is the right one?

Take a look at the differences between these two information security certifications and see which is right for you.

CASP Certification

While this certification isn’t as popular as the CISSP, it still is a good indicator of experience level and knowledge. To be eligible for this certification, a professional must have 10 years of prior experience, with at least half of that being from technical hands-on experience. Also, this CompTIA exam takes a more technical approach than the CISSP, which seems to be more concept-based.

CISSP Certification

The CISSP certification is definitely the most well-known of the two certifications, as it is used widely among government agencies and other prominent companies.  While the CASP exam is arguably easier and less expensive, earning a CISSP certification will undoubtedly get you noticed by a hiring manager.

So, which one?

Well, earning any type of specialized certification shows employers that you have a thorough knowledge of your field and that you are committed to continuing that development of skills. This will eventually lead to higher salaries and more job prospects.

So, whether you’re interested in CompTIA CASP or CISSP training, QuickStart can help you prepare adequately for your exam and ultimately earn your certification.

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