Six Sigma Black Belt: Worth the Investment?


Six Sigma Black Belt: Worth the Investment?

Six Sigma is an advanced and flexible set of methodologies focused on improving the efficiency of corporate processes. Specifically, it is used in a variety of industries to lessen the amount of defects within those processes. While there are a few different project management methodologies out there, Six Sigma primarily focuses on minimizing variability.

Learning Six Sigma can not only improve your business, but it can also leave you open to future employment opportunities. 

Better Business

Knowing how to apply the Six Sigma method effectively can have positive impacts on your business. Through improved processes and quality control, applying these methodologies can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering a better product. This, in turn, can lead to an increase in business and revenue.  

All in all, Six Sigma can create a strong and affable team atmosphere. Employees have the tools to pursue excellence and minimize mistakes, and this clear path to success can be liberating. From a business level, these effects are extremely beneficial overall.  

Dream Bigger

Six Sigma consists of two levels, Green Belt and Black Belt. While having a Six Sigma Green Belt certification is certainly advantageous, going that extra mile and obtaining a Black Belt certification proves that, not only do you have an adequate knowledge of Six Sigma, but you are prepared to take on a leadership role within your organization. Once this level is achieved, a professional is ready to drive efforts to improve processes and ultimately, the quality of their product.

As you can see, becoming Six Sigma Black Belt certified can benefit both you and your company. Thankfully, QuickStart makes it easy to train for the certification through our comprehensive, self-paced Six Sigma Black Belt course. Learn to demonstrate team leadership, understand team dynamics and assign team member roles and responsibilities.

Or, if you’re interested in other project management methodologies, like Agile or ITIL, consider enrolling in our new Learn subscription which gives you access to hundreds of on-demand courses for only $29.95 a month. Take as many courses as you’d like and be one step closer to achieving the career you want!

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