Top 5 Advantages to Getting CompTIA CASP+ Certification


Top 5 Advantages to Getting CompTIA CASP+ Certification

When it comes to scoring the job opportunities, employers require professionals who have sufficient knowledge and a sharpened skillset for solving various IT problems. Various jobs in the domain of cybersecurity such as security architect, application security engineer, technical lead analyst as well as the security engineer. All of these jobs are highly in demand, and the demand is expected to grow in the coming years according to the statistics of research conducted on the matter.

CASP+ or CompTIA advanced security practitioner is an advanced level certification, and the exam consists of both multiple-choice and performance-based questions. It is an advanced cybersecurity practitioner certification that assesses IT professionals' hands-on skills who are in charge of complex network solutions to support a large and thriving enterprise. CASP+ certification is often compared with the CISSP (certified information systems security professional) that is offered by ISC2, and many professionals ask which one is the best?

It is not the question of which one is best or more challenging; it is all about what you think you should do and what must be done. If the job you want to apply to requires CASP+, then it is a must-have for you, and CISSP becomes good. Think of the priorities that lie ahead of your decision and then choose accordingly. Both certifications test the advanced level cybersecurity skills within the professional and are vendor-neutral, so these are the only similarities that you would ever get out of these two.

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CASP+ roles and job description

Although the things that you would be required to do would change depending on the type of industry you are working in, but the most neutral or basic remains the same;

  1. Development of disaster recovery plans
  2. Conducting risk assessment and making certain recommendations
  3. Maintenance of security systems like firewalls and other security appliances
  4. Staff training and IT policy design along with implementation

Advantages of choosing CASP+ over any other certification

  1. CASP+ is a performance exam

Employers require the professionals to perform other than just beating about the bush, and passing the CASP+ certification exam can verify that you can walk the walk instead of simply jabbering about doing it. When it comes to CASP+ and CISSP, both have security engineers and security architect jobs that are common ground, and the professional to fill those roles must have hands-on skills to build the cybersecurity systems and programs. But it is only CASP+ that also includes the simulations to test the skills on a network or other dedicated system.

Passing the CASP+ exam shows that you have hands-on skills when it comes to the work that needs to be done, and you don't have to provide any further proof to validate your skillset.

  1. CASP+ providing technical mastery

If you don't have the know-how of how a particular piece of technology works, then you might not be able to lead cybersecurity teams and would only get confused. Suppose a particular requirement of a project is to comply with a dedicated government standard about data security. In that case, it will involve leaving the complex cybersecurity technologies and infrastructure behind and applying effective collaboration and communication skills with the rest of the team.

CASP+ professionals readily understand the standard that is in front of them and how to comply with it. These professionals also have the advanced skills needed to lead, design, and then implement the technical solution that was requested in the first place.

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  1. CASP+ fills the skill gap for advanced cybersecurity practice

The very basis for the development of CASP+ was to have a hands-on and advanced level cybersecurity assessment. Professionals that even have years of experience want to remain on the keyboard and work with the software and tools directly, and that is where CASP+ comes into practice. Even if they are not a manager and want to have a daily kick of solving challenges within a complex architecture level security problem, then CASP+ is the answer for them.

According to a scenario, the US Navy used CISSP professionals to certify advanced cybersecurity pros, but they had no way of assessing the advanced hands-on cybersecurity skills for personnel who were not in the management positions. That is where they required CASP+ professionals, and it paid off extremely great.

  1. CASP+ costs less than CISSP

CompTIA based CASP+ costs almost $439 an includes both the performance-based simulations and the multiple-choice questions, to begin with, whereas the CISSP cost a handsome amount of $699 and would only include the multiple-choice questions, to begin with.

Why pay such a heavy amount to undertake an exam that only tests you with multiple-choice questions and doesn't include hands-on performance testing? That is why go with CASP+ as after completing the examination, you won't have to provide any additional proof for the validation of your skills; it would already be done as a part of the complete package that is CASP+ examination.

  1. Help you in mastering cybersecurity

One of the greatest benefits of the CASP+ certification is that it will help you master cybersecurity concepts in its entirety. When you have cleared your CASP+ exam, it will provide a very credible and valued master level InfoSec certificate that can not only help you to land distinct job-related opportunities but also bending your whole career around. It is a perfect certification for you to complete if you wish to become a reputed organization manager.

CASP+ is more than a nice to have certification, and as described earlier, can help you navigate your way through the complex data infrastructures; the point is that it should not be taken lightly at all. It would add real value to your other certifications and will be a nice card to have if you want to turn your career around.

If you wish to become an IT manager or serve the same roles for various IT organizations out there, then it is required that you must have effective CompTIA certification training first.

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