How to Ace Your CompTIA Network+ Exam


How to Ace Your CompTIA Network+ Exam

When job openings are announced by a reputed IT company, hordes of career aspirants assemble in long queues for their shot at a lucrative career. Most hopeful candidates fall flat at the initial hurdles and the ones who make it through to the final rounds are judged on the basis of their skills and certifications. Fortune usually favors those who have the right credentials and the skills to match. In this blog post, we will discuss the advantages of doing CompTIA Network+ Certification and how to ace your exam to get the certification on your resume.

5 Tips To Ace Your CompTIA Network+ Exam


In order to pass the CompTIA Network+, you need to study and gain knowledge of networking technologies. However, in some cases, especially for the beginners, knowledge of technology by itself may not be enough. First time course takers may not be able to decipher the patterns in which the questions are asked, leaving them at a disadvantage when compared to a second or a third time course taker. Below are a few tips that provide the best ways to pass CompTIA Network+ for beginners and first time course takers:

1. Time Management with PBQ

Managing time while answering Performance-Based Questions (PBQ) is vital for success in CompTIA Network+. Unlike multiple choice questions, PBQ are based on problem solving abilities and can take a lot of time to answer. Analyze the problem before solving it and only then attempt it. Trying to solve problems that you are not familiar with can take a lot of your time, and leave you with very little time for other questions, which you might know the answer to. As you can skip questions for later attempts, you should first try to solve the problems that you are familiar with.

2. Spot the Hints

Learn to identify key word or phrase in the question. Pay special attention to capitalized words as they are written in bold for a reason. If you are struggling to answer a particular question, then formulating your plan of solving it around the key phrases and capitalized words can really help you.

3. Use Deductions and Eliminations

In multiple-choice questions, sometimes the right answer can be guessed from knowing the wrong answers. When there are four choices, you can eliminate the wrong options and solve the problem or at worst make an educated guess (there is no negative marking in CompTIA Network+).

4. Try to Learn from Questions

Sometimes the answer to a previously asked question may reveal itself in the questions asked later in the test. If a hint emerges from a new question that can help you solve an old question, it is time to revisit the question that you had not attempted in the first place.

5. Attempt All Questions

As there is no negative marking in CompTIA Network+, you should try to attempt all questions for maximum score.

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Advantages of CompTIA Network+

When it comes to networking related job profiles, the CompTIA Network+ is the undisputed leader of the pack as far as courses are concerned. CompTIA is considered as the topmost trade association in the IT industry and is known for issuing vendor-neutral professional certification in as many as 120 countries. With a CompTIA Network+ certification, you become eligible for a number of network administrator jobs.

Besides a decent salary, a CompTIA Network+ certification offers enticing benefits to the course takers. By finding the best way to study for CompTIA Network+ and passing the exam, you can reap the following rewards:

1. Cracking the Exam in the First Attempt

Unlike other super-tough courses that can be daunting for beginners, CompTIA Network+ is relatively easier to pass and can be cracked at the first attempt. A minimum of 18 months experience in networking technology is recommended, however, a bright student can crack it by taking best online comptia network+ training available online.

2. Worldwide Recognition

CompTIA is known for its IT certifications in 120 countries. With a CompTIA Network+ certification, you will be recognized for your networking credentials all over the world.

CompTIA Network+ is a professional course that can shape up the career of any individual. If you are trying to ace this exam, you should study hard and get help from experts.

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