A Smooth Entry Into The Exciting World Of IT Through CompTIA


A Smooth Entry Into The Exciting World Of IT Through CompTIA

I have worked as an IT Instructor at various institutes, universities and technical colleges along with my corporate training assignments throughout my career. I frequently interact with young technology students and people who are seeking a career change to enter into the IT industry. A very common question I often hear from young promising students is “How can we ensure that we have all the necessary skills and knowledge to make a smooth and confident entry into the IT job market?” The same question is somewhat re-phrased when it comes to those who are looking to change their careers and get into IT.

Well, after several years of teaching and training experience in the IT field, I have the opinion that CompTIA provides excellent certifications which help candidates gain knowledge, skills, education and exposure of various domains of IT. CompTIA offers a variety of well-designed and comprehensive courses. For those who want to enter the Information Security sector, Security+ is one of the best courses I have observed among all the available certifications in the IT market at entry-level. Similarly, Cloud+ is another great example of an excellent certification in the Cloud Computing domain.

I like the design, content, structed course material, and the testing method. It is of great help for employers to hire with confidence and trust the candidate’s technical qualification obtained via CompTIA’s certification. That being said, CompTIA’s exams are no easy ride and they really test the hard-work and efforts made by the person taking the test. So whether you have academic qualification in IT or not, CompTIA’s certifications are equally useful for you as they add value to your achievements and give confidence to employers when it is tough to find and fill the right candidate for challenging assignments.

I highly recommend these certifications offered by CompTIA and have personally witnessed advantages when it comes to IT career growth and advancements. It is great to have a CompTIA logo on your resume, email signature and/or visiting-card and it really distinguishes you from others with added value.

Taking a CompTIA course via QuickStart results in an added value. QuickStart believes in quality and complete satisfaction of students. We have a pool of expert instructors who know how to fulfill your training needs. QuickStart offers most popular courses like Network+, Security+, A+ and others on frequent basis and enrolling in those courses reflects as guaranteed success.

I personally like the design, structure, and contents of those mentioned courses. They supply great knowledge, skills, education, and exposure to technology. QuickStart provides a great platform of learning via its virtual instructor led courses to acquire great success in these technical courses. Theory lectures, labs, and access to an expert instructor for all of your queries, makes QuickStart a great contributor in success of its learners.

Good luck with your CompTIA, Microsoft and several other certifications via QuickStart.

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