Cisco Certification Training Can Upskill your Network Management Teams


Cisco Certification Training Can Upskill your Network Management Teams

Large web-based organizations such as social or streaming services need to support massive traffic on their networks. In order to meet network requirements and challenges, these organizations need networking teams who are up to the task of providing 24/7 services.

Networking requirements of firms with high traffic keep growing and evolving. For this purpose, the staff needs to constantly grow and evolve as well. In order to provide flawless service and to sign-up new users every day, firms need employees who have a Cisco certification, so that they can meet and overcome networking challenges.

Employees constantly need to access and navigate corporate and user data from the network, so they can provide services on desktop and mobile alike. With a staff that has had Cisco certification training, an organization can rest easy knowing that their network management teams can handle the top challenges faced by them. Let's gain an idea of the challenges firms have to face and how a Cisco certified staff can prove invaluable to your company.

Poor network performance

Poorly performing networks is perhaps the most prevalent challenge network engineers have to face. Traffic doesn't come from a single source; it comes from all directions. Without the right equipment on endpoints and an adequately trained staff, providing high-speed communications required by applications is next to impossible.

In addition, when we speak about performance, it doesn't just refer to speed but reliability as well. Network designers need to be able to handle sudden spikes in network load and allow room for alternate routes for the traffic to flow should a link fail. 24/7 business requires 24/7 network availability.

Tight Security

Another leading network challenge is provision of tight security for safeguarding user and corporate data. Today's network security parameters are often unclear, which makes blocking outside traffic for unauthorized access inadequate. Threats can find their way into a company network when your staff answers a phishing email. DDoS attacks simple require a connection in order to succeed. Encryption has the ability to protect traffic but it makes it quite difficult to monitor network activity. All in all, in order to overcome this complex challenge of providing network security, your network management teams need proper training to counter them.

Network configuration management

As the size of the networks increase in scope and traffic, overseeing configuration of the network becomes increasingly difficult. Firewalls need to be kept up to date, networks need to be configured in way so that devices don't conflict with one another.

Constantly evolving technology

Reasonable decisions of yesterday means that today's network architecture is configured around network requirements and assumptions of yesterday. In this constantly evolving landscape, firms need to keep the technology and the staff they employ up to date in order to overcome the challenges faced on a daily basis.

The aforementioned challenges are among the many faced by network management teams. If you wish to ensure that your network professionals have the necessary knowledge and skills to support the growth of your network as well as solve customer-end issues, Cisco Certification is rather important in this regard. It starts at entry level training and advances to professional and expert level.

Read on to discover the many advantages of having your employees certified:

Your Employees will be Certified by the Networking Leader 

Cisco is a pioneer of network switching and routing technology, and remains in the lead with the largest market share and installed base across multiple industries. The majority of internet traffic today is routed through network pathways built from Cisco network infrastructure products. If your organization has equipped with Cisco products, it would be in your best interest to ensure your employee are Cisco Certified.

Certification Prepares Your Staff for Networking Challenges in this Digital Era 

As more and more businesses go through the digitization process, their network requirements are completely transformed. As network infrastructures go through such radical change, manually operating networks are now a thing of the past. Networks these days are drives by software and depend entirely on analytics, automation, virtualization, and having an architecture that is open as well as flexible. Recent research shows that network architects and engineers will be the most critical IT roles in the future to support these network changes. Cisco has recently introduced a Digital Network Architecture (DNA) to exploit the lightening speeds of the networks of today. Companies can use this to improve their level of service to their customers.

Certification Keeps Your Staff Updated on Latest Technology Changes 

Apart from covering training of massive network architectural shifts, Cisco also surveys the constantly changing networking landscape for numerous technological advancements. This significantly improves the quality of training and certifications Cisco provides to the networking pros employed by your organization. Cisco's most recent revision to the training course includes a deeper understanding of QoS or Quality of Service elements and the applicability they possess, firewall network functions, wireless controllers and interactions with access points. Along with increased focus on basic network security and IPv6.

Certification Allows Your Staff to Learn from Each Other

As more and more professionals are becoming Cisco Certified, we see that a vibrant career development community has emerged. Known as "Cisco Learning Network", this community now comprises of about a million professionals from around the globe. It provides its members with valuable support, allowing them to help one another, study together, learn and pursue their respective IT goals. As soon as your employee become a part of the Cisco Learning Network, they immediately gain access to training videos, study groups, and a wealth of certification exam related information.

Cisco Certification Provides a Range of Training Options 

Cisco offers a suite of training options that are quite flexible, allowing your employees to learn and improve their skills in pattern that best suits them best. Your networking team have the option to either enroll in a virtual classroom, instructor led training, or a hands-on lab experience.

In order to stay ahead of the curve and the competition, it is paramount that your network management team improve on their skills by earning a Cisco Certification.

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