Everything You Need to Know About ITIL Foundation Certification


Everything You Need to Know About ITIL Foundation Certification

ITIL is the acronym of Information Technology Infrastructure Library and it is a compilation and set of procedures and practices, which assist businesses in integrating their IT services with the requirements of the business. The collection of various tasks, checklists, and methodologies are utilized to provide business value and competency among the competitors. This is why in a survey finding by Axelos (Owner of ITIL) showed that 85% of the sample showed remarkable satisfaction with ITIL delivering service management improvement.  Since ITIL is a widely accepted approach to IT Service Management, a separate ITIL foundation Certification is issued to those who are specialized understanding of the field and wish for their abilities to be recognized. Answering to the high demand of the people involved in the IT industry, QuickStart provides an ITIL Foundation training, similar to its successful AWS training and AWS certification programs, which ensures that the students receive the best possible training and exposure to the material before applying for the foundation certification.

Who is this designed for?

The ITIL foundation certificate is for the recommended for the ones who have the fundamental knowledge of ITIL framework and awareness of its efficient utilization. This is also targeted to individuals who have been well informed with the continuous developments and improvements in the program. A great thing about this is that contrary to popular belief, everyone ranging from IT professionals, business process owners, and even business managers are encouraged to apply since there are no prerequisites of the certification. The certification tests primarily the basics of ITIL, in comparison to AWS certifications where the people applying are expected to have a comprehensive theoretical and practical understanding of the subject at hand. Due to this, a quick ITIL training is the perfect key to successfully earning your certification, and training provided by the ones who have been conducting AWS training for quite some time now gives the students the credibility they desire from their training provider.

Exam format

The examination format is based on a multiple-choice pattern, where the students go through 40 questions, which they have to solve in 60 minutes. The exam is a closed book exam and students are required to score 65% marks meaning 26 out of 40 marks to get their hands on the certification.

ITIL Foundation Exam

Now that we have covered some basic information about ITIL, the exam format and the target audience, we will shift our attention to what is covered in the ITIL foundation certification, so that you too can cover them properly through the designated ITIL training. Unlike AWS training, ITIL training for its foundation certification is primarily theoretical and based on having a thorough awareness of the specific components and elements of ITIL. Let us now take a look at what is expected from anyone giving the certification exam.

First and foremost comes the ability of the student to have a comprehensive grip on what it means to consider service management as a practice. Not only will the students be taught the fundamental concept of a service, but also how it differs when it is integrated as service management and then how it is implemented effectively. Another unit deals with the service lifecycle, and how it carries a critical nature when it comes to understanding what ITIL really is. ITIL service lifecycle is one of the primary components of the entire set of practices mentioned in the 5 set books, and it is therefore essential for students applying for the foundation certification to know how all the processes are integrated with each other. The students then go on to have an understanding of the scope, purpose, and potential a service lifecycle provides.

Apart from this, students return to the fundamentals of ITIL by defining and explaining the key concepts and key terminology and also the key models relating service management. As you would have realized by now, having an awareness of the theoretical content is key, therefore through an ITIL training, you too would end up engraining each of these concepts in your mind.

Moving on, three training objectives are highly inter-related, which consists of awareness regarding Selected processes, selected roles and finally selected functions pertaining to service management. These three elements force the students to take a deep dive into service management, by describing the activities, objectives, reasoning, and interfaces of the various processes. Students are also expected to know the role and organizational structures of a service desk along with being aware of the numerous responsibilities in service management. Service management is considered by all to be a primary component of ITIL Foundation Certification, because of which extra attention is given by the students in understanding concepts and the technicalities relating to service management.

In order to achieve the desired result in the certification examination, the final learning outcomes of the training are the awareness of technology and architecture. Automation plays a key role in ensuring a fluid service management process, and therefore it is considered significant in doing a complete scan on how it works and how it automation integrates the entire process.  The last thing that is recommended is to have an understanding of the skills and competence required for service management. This is not, however, examinable, but sure ends up providing the students with much needed additional information.

In a nutshell

So here we have it, a quick cover of the entire ITIL Foundation Certification. The foundation certification, as the name suggests, deals with the fundamentals and basics of ITIL and primarily deals with and tests the students theoretical understanding of the concepts. As mentioned before, this is different from the AWS training and AWS Certifications, as they consist of a more practical implementation examination model. So relax, put your faith in the experts and let the instructors take you on a quick yet productive journey, at the end of which you are all set to face the challenge of an ITIL foundation certification exam.

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