Everything You Need to Know About ITIL® Foundation


Everything You Need to Know About ITIL® Foundation

In recent times, ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) has emerged as one of the most efficient methods in the field of IT Service Management. ITIL is known for facilitating many organizations across various industries. The most recent version, which was released back in 2011, is just an escalating update that defines the current version of IT and its practices. If you have started your certification journey or are planning to take one in the future, it is best that you understand a couple of terms and concepts of ITIL that will help you in achieving some of the core goals of the exam.


ITIL Foundation is the most basic level of certification that provides some of the most common yet the most critical concepts, elements, and terminologies of ITIL. This foundation course also covers the most crucial concepts between various lifecycle stages, the processes consumed and their donation to some of the most crucial management practices. The primary aim of this course is to investigate some of the most key concepts linked with ITIL and make the students understand Foundation Certificate in the field of IT Service Management Examination. ITIL is a compilation of many books that provide students in attaining the most effective and high-quality IT services. This Foundation Certification provides students with a detailed understanding of some of the most common ITIL concepts and helps them in the ITIL exam.

Objectives for Taking ITIL Foundation Course

Students interested in taking this foundation course can anticipate a thorough understanding and knowledge in the following things after completing the course and achieving certification:

Comprehension about ITIL Lifestyle: Comprehension about practicing Service Management and how important they are as a whole. The primary objective of taking the ITIL Foundation course is to make candidates understand the knowledge and findings of ITIL and its practices

Definitions and key concepts: The objective of this learning unit is to facilitate a student to understand the significance of ITIL lifecycle, how the processes communicate with each other in the entire lifecycle. Give detail understanding and knowledge of the principles, nature, and value of the business in the lifecycle. The main objective of this ITIL Foundation course is to aid students in understanding the most fundamental terminology and explain concepts related to service management.

Models and basic principles of ITIL training and ITIL certification.

Designated roles and Important functions: ITIL Foundation course will prepare candidates to understand key elements and organizational structures of the service desk function and explain the requirements, aims and objectives of the other three functions. ITIL Training course aims to provide students with the levels of skills and expertise for service management, knowledge of the framework and requirements used in training.

ITIL Certification: Course helps the students in providing key knowledge linked with architecture and technology. This program teaches you the much need awareness and skill required in IT.

Major Audience

ITIL Foundation course is for the following people:

  • Professionals in the field of Information Technology working in different organizations and understanding what ITIL is all about. These individuals play an active role in the existing service improvement program.
  • Candidates and individuals who are new in the field of Information Technology and demand the most common understanding of the ITIL framework and how it is used to improve the efficiency of the service management within the roots of any organization.
  • ITIL Foundation is not just restricted to business managers, business owners, professionals, support staff, business development managers, project associates, or any other individuals involved in the field of IT services.

Professional Tips for Acing ITIL Certification Exam

As rewarding as it can get, ITIL examination is not easy, and if you are a working professional, things may get a little challenging for you.

Let us take note to some of the tips you can take while prepping yourself with an ITIL training exam.

Manage Your Time Wisely

If you are planning to appear in the ITIL certification exam, manage your time carefully. If you are a working individual, sparing some of your precious hours for studying will help you a lot to prepare for the exam. In general, you need at least 10 hours of study before taking the exam. Take one sample exam to test your skills before appearing in the final exam to find out if you are prepared or not. Practice different questions and assess the topics you need to study in detail.

 Relax and Understand Everything Cheerfully

When you appear in the ITIL exam, read the questions carefully before answering them. If you come across any questions containing words like ‘best’, ‘could’, ‘incorrect’, ‘not’, and ‘must’, handle them with special care because one single word can reshape the entire meaning of the question. Always ensure that you completely understand the question because most of the questions are meant to create confusion. This is mainly because ITIL exams prepare its students for some tough challenges that they will face in the years to come.

A Learning Experience and Not Practical Experience

Always answer questions keeping in mind the perception you have about ITIL train and certification. Avoid answering questions from any organizational perspective but only from the ITIL perspective. ITIL Foundation exam is all about testing your abilities in the field of IT service and management, and much you know about tools, processes, functions, and roles associated with ITIL.

ITIL training and certifications such as ITIL Foundation and Continual Service Improvement; has tremendous advantages for modern enterprises. Get in touch with one of our ITIL experts to know more about our ITIL training programs and modules. 

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