Leverage NetApp Storage Systems for Greater Storage and Data Management Efficiency with NetApp Training


Leverage NetApp Storage Systems for Greater Storage and Data Management Efficiency with NetApp Training

There is no doubt in the fact that we are now living in a data-centric world. For any enterprise that aims to survive in the cutthroat business environment, it is important to understand what data management is and why efficient data management is crucial. Data management is not one task or activity. With our increasing reliance on data, data management is a term that is slowly expanding in its definition. It makes more sense to think of it as not one but a group of activities. These activities include planning, administration, development, and implementation of systems that are responsible for data acquisition, storage, retrieval, security, archiving, and data disposal. This definition, to a great extent, remains unchanged for the paper-based data management system and for digital systems.

Data management is becoming a crucial concern because data is becoming one of the most critical assets. Your enterprise relies on data for day-to-day tasks. Failure to manage data in any way can ultimately lead to failure of your business. If you want to ensure successful integration and implementation of technology, you need to ensure efficient data management across your enterprise. NetApp gives you the edge you need in this area.

NetApp’s SnapMirror Cloud Volume can easily be called a revolution in data and storage management. It allows for effective automation, orchestration, migration, management, and replication in your cloud environment. NetApp training enables your team to leverage NetApp storage system for better storage and data management efficiency. The training is crucial for ensuring a better understanding of data management so that your team can develop a stronger data management strategy in the first place.

NetApp Enables Effective Data Management in Hybrid Cloud Environment

A versatile data management platform is crucial to a hybrid cloud environment. It doesn’t matter where the data is stored, the platform should work effectively regardless. NetApp’s OnCommand cloud manager brings in the desired level of versatility to the table with its hybrid and multi0cloud management features. Whether you are using Azure or AWS, or even your on-premises servers, OnCommand lets you manage storage through a single-pane screen. Your team can view the entire storage system and manage it effectively without a lot of hassle involved. Ultimately, the cost and time of managing day-to-day data related tasks are marginally reduced.  

NetApp Creates a Seamless Data and Storage Management Experience across Enterprises

NetApp OnCommand Cloud Manager enables the management of what NetApp refers to as its Fabric Vision. The vision that aims to offer a seamless data experience across all the systems in a hybrid environment. With this Data Fabric, you won’t have to stress about where you need to place the data in the first place. It can align the data anywhere in the architecture. Moreover, it makes migration hassle-free tasks by offering more flexibility.

NetApp certification training introduces your team to the five principles of NetApp’s Data Fabric: Control, Choice, Integration, Access, and Consistency. These are the core design principles that enable versatility and efficiency across a diverse array of deployment topologies. Your team can design the data fabric as per the needs and requirements of your enterprise. Furthermore, your team can utilize other NetApp technologies such as SnapMirror and SnapVault to extend the data fabric in the case or multi-cloud architecture.

NetApp Simplifies Storage and Data Management with OnCommand Cloud Manager

In the digital world, simplification is essentially the key to effectiveness. OnCommand Cloud Manager simplifies the data management and storage management experience for your team. It has numerous benefits such as enabling seamless cloud resource provision. The resources can be provisioned regardless of the deployment environment. As a matter of fact, it can serve as a mediator between AWS and Azure cloud while managing the VM creation process. The process is largely automated and your team doesn’t need to actively monitor or manage it.

The AWS and Azure cloud integration management also enhances data visibility across both platforms. This plays a key role in preventing the vendor lock-in situation for your enterprise. Not to mention, NetApp allows for end-to-end environment orchestration. These are just some of the reason NetApp training and certification can help in effective data management in a hybrid environment with multiple solutions from different vendors.

The Powerful Combo of Effective Management with Great Ease

NetApp has set a new trend in the industry – effective management is now possible with better usability. Its single-pane interfaces end the need to login to multiple consoles, which increases complexity and the chances of error. With OnCommand Cloud Manager, it is easier for your team to add and manage new instances. It also allows for the abstraction of back-end operation. It not only makes administration easier, it makes it less prone to errors. You can also use the cloud manager for the provision of storage volumes and for the creation of clones of the existing volume. You can quickly launch new environments that are based on the existing environments. 

Other features such as easy “lift and shift” scenarios and “drag and drop” controls make NetApp a revolutionary data management tool your team can utilize to your advantage.

Unlock a New Level of Automation and Experience Maximum Productivity

Automation is imperative to enterprise productivity. NetApp brings a rich array of APIs that allow for maximum automation across your enterprise. This level of automation makes storage and data management more effective and reduces the time and cost involved in the process. NetApp training and certification allows your team to leverage features that lead to seamlessly automated provision and managing of operations and resources. They can make use of the APIs to create customized workflow best suited for your organization. This exceptional level of automation paves the way to improved productivity of your team.


For any success-oriented enterprise, it is crucial to realize the importance of technology that can add an edge to the cloud. NetApp is universally acknowledged as that technology. With NetApp courses and certification, you can prepare your team to leverage this technology to its best potential. Whether you have embraced AWS or Azure, NetApp can maximize your efficiency across diverse cloud environments.

Besides, if you still have any confusion on the said topic then you are more than welcome to discuss it with our NetApp experts.

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