Give Your Enterprise Data Greater Protection and Management Stability With NetApp Training


Give Your Enterprise Data Greater Protection and Management Stability With NetApp Training

In today's data-driven business strategies, backing up software and files to a cloud or a storage device is not enough. With the exponential growth in data, the size of data being stored in your IT environment is growing each day. Simultaneously the danger of losing data both due to in-house systems failure or external threats to security is also increasing rapidly.

When it comes to data storage and protection solutions, there is not really a single solution that will apply to any and all kinds of businesses. Before you decide on a data storing method, you need to first decide the size and amount of data utilization of your business. Having a clear picture of your data storage needs will help you in determining the best route for you. At first, we will talk about data management, and then we will go into the details of the steps that you need to take to protect your data. Following are some of the tips that you can follow to efficiently manage your data.

Understand Your Data Needs

There are many different kinds of data, and your storage needs can differ according to the kind of data you deal with. To understand your data you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How quickly do you need your data in case of data loss?
  • How fast should be your data access?
  • For how long do you need to retain old data?
  • How sensitive is the data?

Know Your Compliance Requirements

If you belong to a highly controlled industry such as healthcare or financial services or if you are a public company then the bar for your security and compliance is set very high. In case you decide to outsource your data management and storage, make sure that your data service providers have the ability to create a highly compliant and secure environment for your business.

Ensure Your Data Is Protected

Data protection should be your first priority when you are managing your data in an IT environment. Your data should be protected both physically and virtually. You also need to encrypt your data so that any third party cannot use or read it, in case it is hacked.  You should also create a backup for your encrypted data on a tape and keep it in a secure location so that you can access it in case of a natural disaster or an emergency. This will help you recreate your enterprise system and data.

All the points mentioned above will help you in managing and storing your data in a way that is most efficient. Once you fully understand your data needs, you will realize that you need to find a system that best suits your data rather than employing a system first to later realize that your data requirements are different. Not only will that mean starting over from scratch but it will also result in unnecessary expenditure.

Data management should be your first priority if you want to come up with the best data storage environment for your business. Once you manage your data, applications, and software then only you will able to take further steps towards protecting and securing your data from any natural disasters, viruses, or threats from hackers.

How You Can Use NetApp Solutions To Secure And Protect Your Data?

NetApp provides you with one of the strictest data protection and backup recovery system. It will allow you to create a backup of your data using flexible and rapid deployment options across your hybrid cloud storage model. You can leverage this high speed and efficient data recovery and backup to:

  • Eliminate data loss caused by accident.
  • Quick recovery from malicious attacks and viruses.
  • Prevention of data corruption.

Save Your Systems From Failure

By using NetApp's disaster recovery solutions, you can increase the resilience of your IT infrastructure. It will help you in eliminating any disruptions caused due to unexpected outages and component failures. It will help you with:

  • Providing protection against the site or local system outages.
  • Modernizing your Disaster Recovery environment.

Keep Your Private Data Secure

NetApp data solutions will help you prevent any unauthorized modification, access, and disclosure of your data stored throughout your enterprise, in the cloud or on-premise. It will also help you with:

  • Compliance with strict regulations placed by the government.
  • Managing the security of your data across all your data storage tiers, including hybrid cloud.
  • Helps you with disaster recovery without you having to compromise on your data protection and security.

NetApp Training And Certification

NetApp offers a number of IT solutions, software, applications, and tools that you can incorporate in your business to ensure greater data security and stability in your data management systems. But it is one thing to adopt a system but entirely another to use that system to gain the maximum benefit from it. Same is the case with NetApp solutions, you can deploy them in your IT environment but to gain the maximum benefits from them, your staff needs to have NetApp training and certification such as ONTAP cluster administration and ONTAP SAN Implementation.  

With NetApp training and certification, your staff will be better able to use all the benefits that NetApp solutions have to offer. With hands-on and practical approach towards learning, NetApp training instills confidence in your employees that they need to deal with emergencies, natural disasters, or recovery in case of a third-party data breach. 

Every enterprise is securing their data in some way, and yet every business faces this looming threat of their data being compromised. In case of an actual incident, not only does your business suffer, but you also lose your credibility. There is a way in which you can prevent that from happening, and that is to take proactive measures to make sure that you never let down your end users and protect and secure the data that they have trusted you with.

Get in touch with one of our NetApp experts today, to learn more about our training modules and online courses. 

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