Enable your Enterprise Dev Teams to Better Develop and Deploy Applications through Azure Training


Enable your Enterprise Dev Teams to Better Develop and Deploy Applications through Azure Training

Microsoft may not have the first comer’s advantage in the world of enterprise cloud, but it has experienced 98 percent growth since its launch. The reason behind this drastic growth is the way it allows developers to build better apps and deploy them in the quickest possible time. There is a great advantage for the enterprises in it. The benefits developers reap from Azure naturally translate to increase in productivity and productivity for your business. However, it is only possible through proper Azure training and certification such as Developing Azure solutions and Azure fundamentals, across the board. While the training is required for all your resources, the development team can make the most of it on your business’ behalf.

Azure App Service is at the moment the only cloud service that allows for absolute integration. It lets your team build a diverse array of applications without much hassle. The much-raved Azure DevOps is precisely a new name and face of the former Visual Studio Team Service. It is an integrated development environment that involves staging, production, and patching. Your team can effectively collaborate to develop, test, and deploy applications.

Let Your Team Develop and Deploy Apps with DevOps

Contrary to what the competitors often say about it, Azure DevOps isn’t just a rebranded form; it has much more to offer. The extended line of features it brings can only be unlocked through proper training and skill building. One of the key reasons behind the introduction of DevOps was the fact that the Visual Studio Team Service needed some major updates. It was launched some ten years ago, and software development has evolved a lot in the last decade. Everything from the infrastructure to testing methodologies has changed. We are shifting towards trends such as continuous deployment, continuous monitoring, and continuous testing.

Not to mention, the demands and challenges have increased over time. The environment is more competitive. Software needs to be developed at a fraction of time. Back in the days, it used to take months to develop and deploy apps. Today, it is all happening in a matter of hours. DevOps has developed the answer to these challenges and cater to these demands. Not only does it allow faster development, it also for rapid and continuous manual and automatic testing. So, with DevOps, Microsoft is staying ahead in the industry by giving your team more power and control. Azure certification will help your development team deploy and develop better applications in the least possible time.

Your Team Can Beyond Visual Studio with DevOps

Visual Studios enjoyed its popularity for decades. It remained Microsoft’s main source of income for ages. However, it remained tied to Microsoft’s Windows platform despite all the efforts in the past few years. With Azure, Microsoft steered clear of that mistake. It positioned Azure as a platform independent of .Net and Windows to a great extent. It was probably the first time Microsoft confidently released a product or service that could effectively run on any platform or Operating System.

So while Visual Studios still suffer from Window dependency despite its ability to accommodate other platforms, developers aren’t as comfortable with the idea. VSTS failed to impress developers on other platforms such as PHP or Golang. Azure answers this issue with DevOps. It is clear that it isn’t just limited to .NET development. Therefore, developers get more control while staying within their comfort zone. It allows them to make the best use of their skills and expertise. It is indeed the face of modern development you need to empower your team with.

Azure Offers a Better CI/CD Experience to Your Development Team

Azure allows your team to make use of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for your Github projects. One of the most critical features of DevOps is its Source code control Management capability. Microsoft Azure already allows Github integration, but with DevOps, it has strengthened the connection between its two products. The Source Coe control Management available with VSTS is gradually paving the path to Github. With DevOps, Microsoft is focusing on providing your development team and operators a simple and quick way to take the source code from Github and deploy it to the target platform. This is improving the overall Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment experience. 

Azure Lets Your Team Utilize Hybrid Cloud in the Best Possible Way

Azure lets your team take advantage of computing and storage, two of the strongest aspects of any cloud platform. With DevOps, Azure aligns all its services and offerings to increase the consumption of its computing services that include Virtual Machines, Containers, and Functions. When app development artifacts land in any of these services, the consumption of computing increases by default. With DevOps, your team will be making use of Azure storage and compute services, allowing them to utilize hybrid cloud service to its best potential. At the end of the day, you will save more money and more time.

Azure Also Supports Open Source Development

Speaking of all the Azure advantages from a developer’s perspective, it is one of the best platforms for open source development. Azure DevOps has only taken it to the next level with its cloud-hosted pipelines for all the platforms including MAC OS, Windows, and Linux. Not to mention, Microsoft already has Xarmin, VS Code, and Github under its belt. Add Azure to the equation and you have the best toolchain of the development and deployment of open source projects.

The Decision

Microsoft is winning the cloud game with Azure. It is making the cloud more profitable for enterprises by empowering the development teams. It has set new standards in effective development and deployment of applications on the cloud. DevOps has all the advantages your development team needs, but they can only effectively utilize it through proper training. Invest in Azure certification for your team and enrich your enterprise with a tremendous skill set. Improve the development and deployment of application and reap the real benefits of Azure.

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