Why Do You Need CompTIA Linux+ Certification?


Why Do You Need CompTIA Linux+ Certification?

If you are associated with the IT industry, then you must have involved yourself in the debate regarding the worth of Linux certification. For those who are not aware, Linux is among the best-known open-source operating systems. Not only is it widely known in the computing industry, but it is also known to be the most used operating system. As many as 47.4% of the websites around the world rely on Linux and the percentage certainly is impressive enough to compel you to start a career in this specific field (Source). Hence, many young individuals consider getting a CompTIA Linux+ Certification to be able to become a part of one of the greatest operating systems.

This article takes you into detail of why do you need to get CompTIA certification training in this day and age.  

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What Does the Certification have in Store? 

Abundance of Jobs  

The job market is full of opportunities for those interested in making a career out of their CompTIA Linux skills. According to the Job Board Survey, job posting platforms such as LinkedIn, Simply Hired, and Indeed have the highest number of job postings that revolve around Linux CompTIA certifications. Apart from having a high number of job opportunities, CompTIA Linux certified individuals are also expected to earn good enough. The research findings show that on average Linux trained individuals can easily earn up to $70k a year. Also, if you become a Linux system engineer, you can earn around $99k annually on average, and for the same position as a senior, the figure goes as high as $122k (Source). These are quite decent figures to have a comfortable lifestyle.  

Open Doors to Endless Opportunities  

It would not be wrong to say that having such training is bound to open endless avenues for young and dynamic individuals. The Certification is designed to equip your brain with extensive knowledge regarding an operating system as fine as CompTIA Linux and makes you stand in the crowd. The best part about this is it is in-demand and there is no way your Certification will become redundant sooner than expected. By getting the Certification, you get to learn about networking, Linux filesystem hierarchy, relevant commands, and of course, a great deal of information on the topic. All of this, of course, enables you to clear the test with flying colors and pass your job interviews smoothly. The Certification certainly won’t let you sit without a job.  

No Prerequisities  

There are no strict and complicated rules to enroll yourself in a CompTIA Linux+ training and Certification. However, still having at least six months of experience in the IT sector can prove to be highly beneficial to be able to make the Linux journey plain sailing. Also, having basic knowledge regarding IT and Linux systems can add to your value in the field and can help you prepare for the final exam well. Not having the slightest of knowledge of the field can make the journey more complex and hard to manage.  

Widely Recognized Opportunity  

Well-known and the largest companies around the world are mainly on a lookout for candidates who have CompTIA certification training. In other words, you get a chance to work with the most prominent and big names in the industry if you are master the art of the operating system in this discussion. Dell, HP, BAE Systems, and Northrop Grumman are among these companies. Working with such companies enables you to build a strong and impressive portfolio and clears out the path to success.  

Solid Foundation  

CompTIA Linux+ certifications act as a stepping stone for other certifications that are much more advanced in the IT sector. It is one of those steps that take you on a level you have always dreamt about as an IT practitioner. There are quite a few certifications in the IT industry that consider Linux certifications as a prerequisite. If you wish to become a SUSE certified Linux administrator, then this Certification will be helpful to a huge extent.  

No Need for Certification Renewal  

One thing that many individuals feel in the IT industry is that most certifications expire over time and you are required to go for recertification to be able to excel further. However, here’s good news for those interested in getting the best Linux certification. This very Certification does not require any renewal. This, of course, saves quite a lot of time and money in a world where a lot of other stuff has to be crammed in a day. It’s a lifetime achievement that stays by your side throughout your career in IT unlike certifications and training in Network+ and Security+.  

Preparing for CompTIA Certification Training  

To prepare well for the CompTIA Linux+ exam, it is advisable for the individuals to sign up for online IT training courses. Such courses are comprehensive and turn out to be more fruitful than the self-study technique. This is because the training and courses are carried out by instructors with hands-on experience in the field. The kind of knowledge they transfer cannot be gained through self-study as candidate unknowingly miss out on the crucial bit. By getting training, you also get to know about helpful tips to ace the exam.  


That said, stats for salaries and job postings associated with CompTIA Linux+ are no doubt impressive. Thus, it can be safely concluded that holding a Linux certification can help you get the best of opportunities and polish your IT skills to full potential.  

However, it is important to go for a very credible source when registering for online IT training courses. After all, you cannot afford to experience any mishaps during the preparatory stage as your success and career is largely dependent on that. Therefore, get the best Linux certification from a good IT training institute and fulfill your dreams of working in bigshot firms around the globe.  

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