Why Support XenApp and XenDesktop with NetScaler


Why Support XenApp and XenDesktop with NetScaler

XenDesktop and XenApp are revolutionary tools developed by Citrix for desktop and application virtualization. With XenDesktop, an employee gains access to a remote desktop on which they can perform all the allocated tasks. They can make all types of changes (as allowed by the company policies) and use the desktop as if it is their own.

In contrast to XenDesktop, Citrix XenApp only allows you to install applications and software on a remote computer at a data center. You have full access to the installed apps; however, you are not allowed to make changes in the desktop configuration. It is possible for the administrator to offer the full desktop to a user, but unlike XenDesktop, you are not the sole user of that desktop. Using Citrix XenApp with full desktop access leads to slower operation when compared with XenDesktop.


Manufactured by Citrix, NetScaler is a hardware device that performs the function of providing Level 4 Load Balancing. It also has support for proxy, VPN functions and Firewall. Definition by Citrix states “Citrix NetScaler makes apps and cloud-based services run five times better by offloading app and database servers, accelerating app and service performance, and integrating security.”

Reasons for Selecting NetScaler to Support XenApp and XenDesktop

After choosing Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop as your virtual app and desktop solution, respectively, you need a gateway for ICA proxy. This is where NetScaler comes into the picture. Besides serving as a gateway, it also provides exceptional security to your network. Six special features that make selecting NetScaler a must for XenApp and XenDesktop admin are listed below:

1. Centrally managed, scenario-based access control

With NetScaler, you are able to manage the policy based access control centrally. This is done by leveraging Smart Access and Smart Control features. With this amazing feature, you are able to create sophisticated inbound and outbound access control policies for XenApp and XenDesktop across every NetScaler appliance available in the environment.

2. ICA proxy for secure access to Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop

The primary task of NetScaler is to serve as a secure gateway for all ICA connections over SSL. With the use of NetScaler, a client can use a Citrix Receiver client on any device to create an SSL connection.

3. Launch-related data visibility

XenApp and XenDesktop users, channels and apps can be viewed through HDX Insight functionality. This functionality is part of NetScaler Insight Center, which allows you to quickly obtain answers to countless operational and strategic questions.

4. Easy configuration

NetScaler makes the setup procedure for Citrix solutions a lot easier. This is done via step-by-step wizards that allow you to configure all components correctly and quickly.

5. Global server load balancing

NetScaler comes with global server load balancing. It helps organizations with multiple sites and widely distributed services in different regions ensure availability for XenApp and XenDesktop.

6. Multi-factor authentication

NetScaler allows for multi-factor (nFactor) authentication that provides a simple way to authenticate users based on different kinds of user access, credentials provided or application demands.

Challenges for Server, Network and Systems Administrators

IT professionals, such as server, network and systems administrators who are interested in becoming a XenApp administrator face different challenges in getting their desired profile. Employers are on the lookout for individuals with training on specific skills in reference to the task. Most employers do not have time and resources to train the hired individuals. It is  to easy to find a training institute that has decent pedigree and provides a personalized experience.

Fast-track Your Career with XenApp and XenDesktop Training

QuickStart is known for providing high quality IT development and technical training. With QuickStart training, you will be able to learn about Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop. You will be provided personalized coaching aimed at developing your skills and making you ready for the next job.

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