Increase your Data Storage and Management ROI through NetApp Training


Increase your Data Storage and Management ROI through NetApp Training

The responsible teams for data storage management are under constant pressure to account for every investment they make towards the system. Thus, it is crucial to ensure you get the maximum from your money. According to the latest analysis, the key to increasing data management ROI is to strike the perfect balance between personnel requirements, storage capacity needs, and the overall system reliability. This will increase the efficiency of data center technology and promises a bigger return on investment.

In addition to the right technology, training plays an important role in increasing data storage and management ROI. NetApp training, for instance, ensures that your employees have the required knowledge, skills, and expertise to enhance the overall management of data in the storage. NetApp training makes them more capable of increasing storage capacity demands, growing need to make information more accessible, and keeping up with data compliance regulations.

Since there's a general inclination towards investing more in data assets, companies still tend to be a little cautious if they are putting the money in the right sector. And indeed, assessing the accurate ROI for data storage management can be quite daunting. Therefore, it is important to develop and follow a framework to get better results.

Data Management Platform Benefits

Data storage and management are essential for a number of reasons. First, it is the best way to organize floods of data coming in on a daily basis. It gives out a structured form to your unstructured data. Also, data management platforms allow organizations to make the most out of their collected data to make informed decisions based on the information it holds.

To use the best methods to improve data storage and management for a bigger ROI, it is essential that we first understand the benefits of data storage and management offers. These include:

  • Offering a more personalized experience to the customer
  • Improving customer engagement
  • Adding value to customer interaction with the right information delivery
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Reaping revenues from marketing methods
  • Identifying the core cause of marketing failures and business problems in real-time

Increasing Your Data Storage and Management ROI

The core purpose of deploying high-level IT in an organization is to enable more effective and efficient business process. IT is a crucial sector that enables businesses to try out and gain on new process and models. It helps improve the existing processes to take them to the next level. Of course, implementing flash in any form relevant to your business can offer great benefits as a performance booster. However, it is important to be aware of the factors involved in each process. The solid-state drives, for instance, can also augment storage and improve efficiency.

Other hardware approaches may include SSD PCle card and SSD drives too. But to achieve maximum ROI for data storage and management investment, it is important to look way beyond these solutions.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Stay Relevant

One of the most reliable ways to ensure a better ROI for data storage and management is to ensure it is relevant to your current data infrastructure. Whether you are storing your data on-premise or on the cloud, the focus should be on establishing a relevant infrastructure that improves your ability for better access. Be more specific with your key business data. Implement technologies that do not only help with data storage but also automates data management for best outcomes. A trained team can implement the right and most relevant technologies to maximize the benefits. Some popular ones include virtualization, cloud computing, mobile devices, and applications.


To carry out a detailed ROI analysis, it is important for data administrators to look for specific information. The information varies based on the type of business and its core values. However, the fundamentals of the framework remain the same. The business must understand that customizing return on investment framework can offer the most accurate results. The framework offers excellent opportunities that can help users achieve better business and technical objectives.

Growth Capacity

The organization must also have a sense of growth capacity for storage. The key is to analyze the server platform to determine the expected growth per GB for storage. Once this information is in hand, you will be able to calculate the time you will need in a month to manage a server. Use this calculation to determine staffing cost as per the hourly admin rate per GB. This will allow you to have a better look at your ROI and compare results to see if offering NetApp training and certification really makes a difference.

Set Policies

With the massive amount of data stored in your servers, it is crucial to set clear guidelines and policies for information access whether it is stored on the cloud, on-premise, or virtual environments. This helps pull together the control access, deletion, retention, classification, and distribution of data without compromising on the ROI.

Stay Agile

Keep your future data storage, and management needs in mine for implementing the right infrastructure that can be expanded and updated to achieve constant growth. The key is to consider every crucial aspect of data management maintenance and implementation before the planning and development phase. This enables the team to make more informed decisions about future growth in the data and how it should be stored and managed. Failure to set up a margin for future growth puts you at risk of losing tremendous opportunities that could leverage big data for business growth and prosperity.

Whether it's the data operation team or IT team, NetApp training and certification such as ONTAP 9.3 Administration Cluster and ONTAP Data Protection, makes for better storage and management for all kinds of data that perfectly reflects in a positive ROI. Data has become the most crucial asset for businesses operating in different industries and taking maximum advantage of efficient management and storage and guarantee overall enterprise success.

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