6 Ways Office 365 Training Benefits IT Teams


6 Ways Office 365 Training Benefits IT Teams

The cloud-based MS Office, the Office 365 offers some cutting-edge advantages that businesses have never had before. Employees can synchronize their calendars, get instant access to apps they use the most, and work anytime, from anywhere in a collaborative environment that is enabled by Office 365. These are just a few of the ways an organization can benefit from Office 365 and improve their workflows. That’s why Office 365 training and certification such as Office 365 Device Management and Compliance Management; has become indispensable for enterprises that want their teams to work smarter.

The individual applications within Office 365, such as Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Word, are specifically designed to work smarter and promote collaboration.  It is a new way of working, but even though slight, there is a definite learning curve for employees who will be using the applications within Office 365. Businesses that are rolling out Office 365 need to ensure that their employees use the functions of Office 365 to the fullest, collaborating effectively and using the technology for its intended purposes. And proper Office 365 end-user training can ensure all of that. Businesses are implementing Office 365 across their entire operations because they know that it is going to solve important problems for them. But it is also important to set proper expectations for the use of software, ensuring that employees are using it to its full capability.

Using ‘Teams’ Feature in Office 365

With tools like SharePoint, Team Site shared OneNote and benefits such as a centralized team information docket, team governance and administration become smarter. And that’s just the start. Office 365 has many implications for all kinds of groups, big and small, working together.

Encourage your team to get Office 365 end-user training and enjoy these benefits from it:

Explore the Co-Authoring Feature

Office 365 has been created with one primary end goal: to make businesses collaborations more effective. The co-authoring feature makes it easier and smarter to work together. This feature lets two or more authors work on an Office file simultaneously, be it a Word document or a PowerPoint presentation. This way the changes can be seen in real-time by all collaborators, and all document activity tracked. Office 365 helps businesses team up more effectively. There are several ways of working together and smarter, and one of them is the Co-Authoring feature. Team members can also chat with other remotely-located members or clients instantly with Skype for business.

Learn Online Editing & be Mobile

One of the first things taught in Office 365 end-user training is that that it is different from the traditional MS Office applications in one significant way. With Office 365 you are working on and saving your documents online, or in the cloud. This makes it more convenient to access, share, save and even edit the work online in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. The “Edit Document” selection in your Office 365 applications offers a quick & easy way to edit any documents you may have saved in OneDrive.

Enjoy Ease of Sharing with OneDrive

Gone are the days when team members had to wait for email attachments to load so they could get to work. OneDrive is a part of Office 365 that makes collaborating easier by offering ample storage for work files online. Teams can access these saved files from anywhere as long as there’s an active internet connection. OneDrive is quite easy to master. OneDrive offers completely safe and secure storage for all kinds of data including Office documents, photos, videos and even entire folders full of files to share and work in partnership with coworkers.  Any file or folder stored on OneDrive can be shared, with access given to all or a few selected members of a team. Or they can be kept private until it is time to share them.

Learn to Collaborate Better with Skype for Business

70% of all communication is non-verbal, so it’s no surprise that so much information is missed or miscommunicated during email and audio-only calls. Skype is now an essential part of Office 365, and it lets teams work together and with other stakeholders, taking advantage of communication cues usually missing from voice calls. Once installed, Skype for Business will automatically detect the devices it needs on your PC. These include a headset, speakers, mic and of course, a webcam.

Install Office Applications on Mobile Devices

Office 365 end-user training can also make teams proficient at using the apps in their mobile devices. This is a great way to stay connected, have access to important work files as well as the ability to pool resources working on them, no matter where everyone is. These Office 365 apps for mobile devices are free to download for Android and iOS devices.

Learn to Share Calendar

Scheduling meetings and appointments can be quite challenging for large teams, especially ones with members working remotely. Office 365 has the dynamic Outlook calendar as a part of its extensive suite of applications. It is used to schedule for weeks or months in advance. Calendar entries and even entire calendars can be shared within teams. This way everyone on the team can be aware of each other’s schedule and add directly to their calendar view in Outlook, to have the entries display in the shared view.

Microsoft Office 365 – The Difference is Cloud

With each new software, there is a need for training to ensure faster adoption and efficiency. MS Office 365 offers the same familiar interface Office users are accustomed to, so the learning curve is minimal. And with proper Office 365 training, it is possible to substantially extend the features and functionality of Office 365 across teams and groups.

It is possible to work smarter, faster and more efficiently with these tools and apps. But if employees are unaware of the powerful functionality they have at their hands, and they don’t quite understand how these apps can add value to their work, businesses can never truly achieve their potential. That is why it is vital that organizations invest in end-user training for tools like Office 365 to utilize these collaboration tools to their fullest. Want to know more about O365 training and certifications then connect with our Office365 experts right now.

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