Advantages of Microsoft Azure Development for Modern Small and Medium-sized Enterprises


Advantages of Microsoft Azure Development for Modern Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

If you’ve been paying any attention to the shift of corporate technology, you must be well aware of the fact there is a considerable case for businesses to invest in the cloud or at least hybrid cloud. The models on which the benefits of the cloud are based vary according to the size of the company and their business objectives. Here we will take a closer look at the benefits small to medium-sized enterprises can avail when they implement Microsoft Azure and provide Microsoft Azure training to their employees.

Azure provides Agility

The corporate world is rather fast-paced and keeping up with it is essential to survival. This can be particularly true for small to medium-sized enterprises that have to adjust and scale their operations based on landscape changes and demand. Organizations that implement Microsoft azure benefit from rapid development cycles than on-premises framework just cannot provide. This means that when programming their own apps, the feedback they receive can be used to frame decisions. This enables businesses to make decisions and explore the outcome of tech based on business objectives. These products lower the outlay financially and the requirement to set an intricate infrastructure. This level of responsiveness is critical to the ecosystem of a business where the highest performing and lucrative companies like Facebook has famously coined the term and embraced the “fail fast & adapt” mentality.

Match global reach

Whether your organization operates locally or internationally, perhaps it even has a massive global presence. Azure has the capability adapt dynamically with your organizational needs based on the level of performance and utility you require from it. This greatly reduces the need for staff whose only job is to monitor the framework, leading you to free your resources and focus on top objectives. The most notable benefit of Azure for its users is the fact that access to its service isn’t dependent on your location. This is particularly useful for small business for whom scaling is necessary. With Azure accessible in more than 140 countries allows its users to deploy apps closer to their users all the while preserving residency of data.


While agility of the Azure platform is great, what is even better is the level of speed it can provide in various areas of your business operations. Apps can be deployed extremely quickly, operate swiftly and scale precisely according to the needs of your business. This is an especially must-have feature for small to medium-sized enterprises who are constantly changing to adapt to the changing business landscape.


In addition to agility and speed, security is another great feature of Azure, the most impactful feature being seamless and secure login for its users where it is B2B or B2C. Azure’s Single Sign-on enables a user to access all the platforms relevant to them without having the need to go through complex login procedures repeatedly through multiple accounts. This is an added security feature that functions to protect your companies and your employees from hacking attempts and breach of data that increasingly affect organizations all over the world. Furthermore, you have the option at your disposal to further edit the operations with gradual changes like location-specific device controls.

Development environment

Above all azure offers a built-in benefit of a cutting-edge environment that’s hardcoded as the Visual Studio. This integration enables Microsoft to heed the needs of programmers and create room for improvement to allow continual innovation. The Visual Studio reduces the learning curve for new users that allows them to avoid potential mismatch of skill across all departments. This allows businesses to conduct on the job training and deploy staff that learns as they work.

Integrated delivery pipeline

The development environment of Azure allows for end-to-end solutions that go way beyond just any storage capability. Organizations require a unified pipeline for delivery and Azure boosts functionality, such as:

  • Integration testing
  • Unit testing
  • Source control
  • Go live tools
  • Delivery

Your organization will also have the option to utilize specific tools from various providers, for example, API’s, extensions and more. It would be ideal if all the tools utilized by your business is supported under a single umbrella, streamlining the implementation process.

Disaster recovery

Businesses these days collect large amounts of data, and if you are operating internationally the amount of data increases tenfold. Azure has placed safeguards for purposes that include:

  • Cold and hot standby models
  • Rolling reboot capability
  • Global and Regional fail-over options

These features of Azure are available straight out of the box for users, making it an offering that goes above and beyond the standard options available on an on-premises framework. With threats of high-profile data breaches, this feature is an absolute must for companies to recover from the repercussions of data loss, which can have lasting damaging effects.


Industry leaders are creating solutions that are intended to be future proof, and are building platforms that solve tomorrows problems today. While the future is definitely in the cloud, hybrid is still a workable solution for many small to medium-sized enterprises.

Flexible expenditure

Cloud has been successful for various reasons, but the one reason that stands above all else is the cost-effectiveness of the Azure Platform. Azure enables companies to monitor and test the efficiency of new apps without having to spend the sizable cost of on-premise solutions. With the versatility of the Azure platform, business need only pay for the resources they require to advance their business objectives.

As a business grows and expands they formulate the most effective ways to further their business goals and sparingly invest resources to get the most benefit out of it. One way for them to do that is to invest in their employees and train them to use Azure enterprise applications to better equip themselves to face future challenges. We at QuickStart proved Azure developer classes and ensure you have all the skills and knowledge you need for Azure Training to best equip for your staff for your business, and for the future of the employees themselves. Get in touch with one of our Azure experts to know more about our training programs and modules.

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