Everything You Need to Know About the New Azure Developer Certification


Everything You Need to Know About the New Azure Developer Certification

In the era of Desktops and the adolescent years of computing, the software developers were simply programmers. Soon after as the age of mobile dawned we discovered that these software engineers identified as developers that put mobile compatibility above all else of web applications. A similar thing is happening with cloud computing, and now a lot of the developers are considering prioritizing cloud computing above all else, and working on virtualizing the entire cloud world. Now, we need to take a close look at drone developer and why it is relevant with Azure Developer Certification.

Drone developers are essentially programmers who are dedicating their time to creating drone “control” steering apps. In addition to the creating programs that control drones, they also build the software that sits on the drone device themselves to monitor and analyze the places they fly to. Now, much of the data gathered by drones will need to be communicated back to the mothership, which is basically a cloud datacenter before it can make any decisions based on the data gathered. What if we told you there is now a new breed of software that allows the devices to make these decisions without communicating with the cloud datacenter. Microsoft is playing a huge role in the advancements and the incubation of these drone technologies, and even bigger role is played by the Azure Developer platform.

Imagine if we are to exponentially increase the use of drones for the purpose of aerial surveillance tasks or dispatching orders to the intended, there are far too many industries that it could revolutionize. We will see drones being applied to agricultural ventures, closely followed by earth science, for intelligence gathering purposes, and for defense. The key to this story is knowing what data is gathered and where it is processed (off a drone or on it) and allowing your programmers to control that specific factor. Microsoft is currently making their cloud offering more compatible for all types of drone development. There may not be an air traffic control for all the drones in a particular airspace, and there may never actually be one, but this type of device control Azure training is paving path for will lead the way to greater managing, and there is a general consensus where people in these positions believe it to be a good thing.

QuickStart’s Azure Developers

QuickStart’s learning path for Azure Developers is perfect for professionals with considerable programming skills. It will equip you with the skills required to utilize all the Web Services Azure Developer has to offer to allow to deploy web, mobile and drone applications on Microsoft Azure.

You Will Learn

How to leverage Microsoft Azure's capabilities and enhanced functionalities for highly robust and scalable web & mobile applications and e-commerce solutions. You will also experience data-driven services that access various data sources. 

  • Deploy your services on both Windows Azure and on-premises servers
  • Access and Store data in Azure Storage, and configure access rights
  • Log and Monitor services, both Windows Azure and on-premises servers
  • Implement authentication by using ASP.NET with ACS Web API services
  • Integrate Azure Active Directory B2C, Cognitive Services, Azure Search & SQL Azure in a single app.
  • Manage deployed Web Jobs, Web Apps, & Mobile Apps
  • Creating and modifying ARM templates for the use of App Service deployment
  • Manipulate and Query data through Entity Framework
  • Define, version and manage service APIs endpoint
  • Deploy and Configure ASP.NET web apps and Azure Website.
  • Manage and Create containers and blobs in Storage accounts.
  • Configure, Create and Connect to SQL Database instances.
  • Identify the implication of importing SQL Standalone databases.
  • Manage groups, users, and subscription in an Active Directory.
  • Perform network communication.
  • Fault-tolerant Messaging communication framework, a message with queues and message processing
  • Disaster recovery, recovery point, including backup/restore, and time objectives.


To smoothen your journey of acquiring the Azure developer certification it is highly recommended you clear MS-40365, Azure Fundamental Learning Path, and MSCA Web Apps. I addition prior experience with any Azure Platform would go a long way, ASP.NET web apps, and C+ Programming as well as experience on Windows or Linux virtualization and Server admin. 

Recommended Prerequisites:

  • MS-40365
  • MCSA Web Apps Certification Path
  • Azure Fundamental Learning Path

It is expected of you to have prior experience with Azure Platform, ASP.NET web apps, and C+ Programming as well as experience on Windows or Linux virtualization and Server admin, which includes but not limited to, virtualization technologies. More specifically learners are expected to have an understanding of the following:

  • Experience C+ programming, and its concepts like Lambda expression, and LINQ
  • Understanding the concept of n-tier apps
  • Experience manipulating and querying data with ADO.NET
  • Knowledge of data structures in XML

Intended For

Azure Developers is intended for programmers that have knowledge of cloud tech and possessing development skills and want to gain intermediate to advance understanding of deployment and development of Azure’s Web Services like MVC framework ASP.NET, Web & Mobile Apps and APIs on Azure.

  • Developers who wish to leverage Azure’s abilities and enhanced operational functionalities for scalable and robust web & mobile apps as well as e-commerce solutions
  • Data-driven Developers who want to develop services that can access data from various data sources (local and remote).

Learn Azure from scratch, look no further than QuickStart for Azure training. Since multi-cloud adoption is rising quickly, Azure is now the go-to PaaS and IaaS solution for organizations around the globe. Which is putting the demand for IT pros adept at Azure tech at an all-time high. 

We create such professionals at QuickStart. 

As Microsoft's learning partner, QuickStart offers you the best of what Azure training has to offer. Once complete you will be equipped with the skills necessary to obtain employment in an organization that requires mastery of Azure Developer and wish to use this technology to its maximum potential. Turn you into an Azure expert with us, so let’s get started.

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