Everything You Need to Know About the New Azure Administrator Certification


Everything You Need to Know About the New Azure Administrator Certification

Those of you well versed with Microsoft’s Azure platform must be well aware that Microsoft has been certifying professionals who use their product for a few decades now. Now many organizations hire and promote their staff based on their Microsoft certifications. Azure training is a great path to becoming a master of IT platforms and its products. Enterprise technology has dramatically evolved over the last several years. As the trend continues towards migrating data and workload on the cloud and away from on-location servers has created the need to for every IT professional to be proficient with cloud technologies. While it may seem that Azure services and operations mimic computing platforms, there is still a horde of features that are unique to Azure Administrator and its certification.

Why go for Azure Administrator

Last year’s survey about the most lucrative career paths for IT professionals was covered in 15 Top Paying Certifications for 2018. This survey isn’t for one specific country, rather it is global in its scope. Azure certification had to have about at least 100 survey responses in order to make sure the data was valid statistically. Key insights on top paying IT certifications in 2018 included Azure administrator certification. The Average salary across all certifications was about $108,109. While cloud computing certifications paid $112,955 per year, and security certification would pay a salary of $109,989.

Azure Administrator Certification

Since Microsoft has developed and redeveloped its Azure certification it now offers a new certification path for IT professionals. Certifying yourself is perhaps the best way to progress in this line of IT skillset future-proofing your career. Let’s dive deep into Azure Administrator and find out how you can go about attaining it and adding it to your portfolio. First, let’s talk about the exams that are a part of this certification.

This certification includes only two exams:

First is Exam AZ-100: Microsoft Azure Deployment and Infrastructure

As far as this exam is concerned, candidates applying for this are required to be well versed in:

  • Managing Azure resources and subscriptions.
  • Managing and Implementing storage.
  • Managing and Deploying virtual machines.
  • Managing and Configuring virtual networks.
  • & Managing identities.

Second is Exam AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security

As for this exam, candidates applying for this are required to be well versed in:

  • Perform and Evaluate server migrations on Azure.
  • Manage and Implement application services.
  • Implement virtual networking.
  • Secure identities.

There are only a few sure shot preparatory options for passing these exams and obtaining the certification. Among which one of the best options at your disposal is QuickStart, which encompasses over 22 hours of training labs.

Recommended path

Azure Administrator professional is required to maintain, monitor, and implement Azure solutions, that include major services that relate to storage, networking, computing, and security.

Step 1: Review the knowledge and skills required to certify.

Step 2: Train for exams.

  • Find classroom and online training at QuickStart
  • Explore more training on Microsoft Learn
  • Take a Microsoft Practice Test for Exam AZ-100
  • Take a Microsoft Practice Test for Exam AZ-101

Step 3: Take a practice exam.

Step 4: Schedule your exams and get certified.

What You Will Learn

Candidates who that successfully gain an Azure Administrator certification will be verified by Microsoft and have the following knowledge and skills.

  • Manage Azure resources and subscriptions
  • Manage and Implement storage
  • Manage and Deploy virtual machines (VMs)
  • Manage and Configure virtual networks
  • Manage identities
  • Perform and Evaluate Azure server migration to
  • Manage and Implement application services
  • Implement virtual networking
  • Secure identities

It allows you to

Manage Azure subscription

  • Assign administrator privileges and permissions
  • Configure cost center tagging and quotas
  • Configure subscription policies
  • Configure diagnostic setting on resources
  • Create a baseline for all the resources
  • Create and rest all alerts
  • Analyze all alerts across all subscription
  • Analyze metrics across all subscriptions
  • Create action groups
  • Monitor for redundant and unused resources
  • Monitor spending
  • Report on spending
  • Utilize functions of Log Search query
  • View alerts of Log Analytics
  • Use the policies set for the resource group
  • Configure locks on resources
  • Configure policies on resource
  • Set tagging and Implement on resource groups
  • Manage resources across all resource groups
  • Remove redundant resource groups

Analyze resource utilization and consumption

Manage resource groups

Why is it Good for Business?

Azure Administrator Certified companies are much faster, about 30 times faster to be precise when configuring and launching deployments, and about 8000 times faster in generating lead times from start to finish. This is due to.

  • A considerable reduction of service tickets and handoff errors.
  • A unified process of Azure Administrator manages runtime environments, maintains the production infrastructure, and delivering the final application.

Azure offers Multiple Platforms for Deployment

The variety of deployment avenues available to you can mold precisely to your requirements, such is the ability of Azure to host applications:

  • Virtual machines on both Windows and Linux
  • As a web app on Azure
  • Or as a Service Container

A variety of hosting options are available to yours as well, while deployment is made straightforward, efficient, and is designed to meet your specific organizational needs. Azure Administrator can help organizations save time when reducing staff levels as most of the work becomes automated and requires only the bare minimum amount of personnel to publish from scratch on Azure Administrator.

Want to learn Azure Administrator from scratch? Look no further than QuickStart for Azure training. With the multi-cloud trend showing no signs of stopping the rise, Microsoft Azure is the go-to PaaS and IaaS solution for organizations around the world. Consequently, the need for IT professional’s adept at Azure Administrator is high. If you wish to learn to deploy, develop, and maintain Azure, you have arrived at your destination. Being Microsoft's learning partner, QuickStart offers Azure training. We will equip you with the skills necessary to obtain mastery of the technology and use it to maximum potential. Our Azure learning path has been designed to mold you into an Azure expert, so go let’s get started. 

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