Azure Cloud Overview for Modern Entrepreneurs


Azure Cloud Overview for Modern Entrepreneurs

Microsoft Azure platform is for every business wanting to reach the cloud. This cloud computing platform is everything that modern entrepreneurs want these days, with a wide variety of critical services that enables a business to boost its use of technology.

The massive range of possibilities that the platform has to offer increases opportunities for modern entrepreneurs to build and manage various different applications. Moreover, it is a preferred cloud computing solution for supporting a range of different programming languages, operating systems, devices, tools, and databases.

Introduction to Azure Cloud Platform

The real role of Microsoft Azure is to facilitate the improvement of your business. If you haven't jumped onto the bandwagon yet, you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities that a cloud-based model has to offer. However, before we jump to what modern entrepreneurs can gain from opting for Azure cloud, here is what the cloud computing platform all about:

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Microsoft Azure enables your IT team to utilize Infrastructure as a Service tool. IaaS allows you to manage and provision your infrastructure over the internet using a cloud computing platform. IaaS also enables you to cut the cost of the investment required for setting up physical servers and buying new equipment.

Microsoft rents you the hardware and allows you to access it using the internet. You are able to utilize the service without really investing in the hardware, cooling, or power. You also save money on your usage as the payment method only requires you to pay for what you need.

Every tool and resource you opt for is considered an individual part of your infrastructure, and you are only charged when you use them.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

This is another level at the cloud computing platform. The likelihood is that most of the times you are already using these services without realizing - such as services like iCloud or Gmail. SaaS is a simple solution software that you purchase on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Again, it does not require hefty investments. You only rent the use of software and apps and use them through the internet.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

This is another great level on the Azure cloud that helps you move your IT to the cloud. No more investing in SQL or operating system licensing. Microsoft rents these services to you through the cloud and enables you to gain maximum benefit out of it.

Just like IaaS, PaaS also include servers, networking, and storage. However, it also includes services and tools like business intelligence services, development tools, middleware, and database managerial systems.

There's more to Microsoft Azure than just a significant increase in numbers. Modern entrepreneurs willing to opt for the Azure cloud can also benefit from various quantifiable services, such as computing, analytics, mobile apps, databases, websites, storage, and networking. With something as powerful as Microsoft Azure in your hand, you definitely have an upper edge to out-muscle and outpace your competitors.

Azure Cloud Benefits for Modern Entrepreneurs

Without further ado, let's jump to all the amazing Azure cloud benefits that modern entrepreneurs can instantly benefit from!


Azure's fast! It has a great velocity in terms of operation, deployment, functionality, and scalability. The speed Azure offers cannot be matched by other cloud providers or on-premises services.


Modern entrepreneurs using Azure can establish, test, identify, and retry during the application development process. This allows them to explore new technologies and avenues available.

Moreover, the platform enables the entrepreneurs to try features before opting for them. This doesn't mean investing in complex and costly outlays or setting up infrastructures. Azure offers a high level of innovation that's essential to all businesses.


Cloud has been surrounded by various misconceptions, one of which highlights the security concerns related to putting your data onto the cloud. It's a pure myth. In fact, your data is considered secure on an Azure cloud platform. Your data is protected by the data centers operated by Microsoft, which is nothing less than a spy-movie environment.

Your data cannot be more secure than it is on Azure. Moreover, you can always access your data through two-tier authentication, including hand-geometry biometric readers and proxy card access readers.

Global Reach

This is particularly a great benefit for modern entrepreneurs who are setting up a new business. Businesses that utilize Azure can establish their services in data centers globally without any trouble. Moreover, it gives them the flexibility of modifying the global footprint based on their dynamic application.

From an entrepreneur's point of view, Azure promises a great experience that's not limited to the location.

Cost Competitiveness

Microsoft is a reliable name and thus, has a huge customer base. This leads to cost savings when names as big as Microsoft offer volume discounts.

And it is also a great idea as Azure costs often decline as a result of the high level of competition between Google and AWS. Also, the Azure platform works as a pay-as-you-go model, which brings down the variable and upfront costs associated with cloud computing. Price increment is not even a concern when you are operating on the Azure cloud platform.

Final Word

Modern entrepreneurs and businesses must consider offering Azure certification to their teams to help them master the skills required to operate a cloud-based infrastructure at its best.

It is ideal to offer Azure training to IT and cloud computing administrators, who are responsible for monitoring, implementing, and maintaining the cloud computing needs of the organization. With Microsoft Azure training, the individual or team is ready to implement Microsoft Azure solutions and make the most out of all the available tools and services, including major services related to storage, computer, security, and networking. 

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