How a Windows Server Certification Can Help You in Your Career


How a Windows Server Certification Can Help You in Your Career

A Windows Server Certification, precisely known as the MCSA: Windows Server 2016, is a test of your knowledge and skills related to server management. This certification comprises of three major exams. You have to clear all three to get the certificate.

There are many courses available on the Internet that you can take to prepare for them. However, in order to get these certifications, you need to spend hundreds of dollars on examination fees and classes to prepare for it. Hence, most IT experts still think twice before spending so much money on training and exams, especially if the organization they are working for is not willing to invest in their development.

That being said, the Windows Server Certification is worth the investment and the value it adds to your skill set and to your resume outweighs the cost of training! Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of this Microsoft Certification.

Beat the Competition

While there is a very real skills gap in the IT industry, and there are more IT jobs than there are professionals to fill them, the really good jobs that pay well are hard to come by. And when they do come by, they get filled rather quickly.

The competition is becoming stiffer by the day, and having a Microsoft certification on your resume can definitely help you make the shortlist for your dream job. Certified IT professionals earn 16% more than their uncertified peers, regardless of their experience in the industry.

Better Chances of Growth

When you prepare for a Windows Server Certification, you will gain new knowledge and acquire new skills. You will use these skills to be better at your job. This means you will get things done efficiently and effectively, and will have the bandwidth to take on more responsibilities. This will result in job enrichment and new possibilities of growth within (and outside of) the organization.

Get Hired Faster

With a Microsoft Exam and Certification Badge on your resume, your hiring process will become faster. 91% hiring managers have added IT certification within their hiring criteria. These Microsoft badges are signs of you clearing all the exams. Career profiles sky-rocket with a list of similar certifications.

Having said that, with more IT certifications in your bag you can edge past other applicants easily. However, that doesn’t mean that getting these certificates is easy. Employers give importance to certifications because of the extensive training required to get them. Most certificates are so hard to get that you need to study day and night in order to clear the exams. However, there are a number of institutes that offer classes and training sessions, both live and online, to teach all the technicalities that need to be learned in order to pass the tests.

Certifications Reflect that You’re Willing to Engage in Lifelong Learning

The IT industry is constantly changing and evolving. Most software receive monthly updates, and IT professionals need to keep track of such changes. If you have a diploma or degree in computer science that you got years ago, the only way to show your employers that you are keeping track of all the changes and developments within the industry is by getting new certifications.

Certified IT professionals also show signs of efficiency in their work. They come up with solutions to problems faster than un-certified IT experts. With the extensive studies they go through, the knowledge they develop is far more than what is being taught to college students enrolled for a degree in computer science. This behavior has encouraged the biggest organizations to hire professionals that have multiple certifications.

Certificates teach you about all the current market trends and IT technologies. Many certificates also need to be renewed every year or two to keep your knowledge up-to-date.

To summarize, a Windows Server Certification can do wonders for you and your career. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a reliable IT skills training provider to help prepare for this certification.

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