How to Prepare for a Windows Server Certification in 15 Days


How to Prepare for a Windows Server Certification in 15 Days

Whether you are new to Microsoft Windows Server or an expert, you’ll definitely benefit from getting a Microsoft certification. Not only will it enhance your skills, but these certifications will improve your career prospects in the IT industry, enabling you to get better jobs that pay even better salaries.

After the launch of the Windows Server 2016, the company introduced new exams to boost skills, giving IT experts the opportunity to learn more about the new product. Getting the MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification should be on your to-do list if you want to make it in the IT ops and management sector. If you are wondering how you should prepare for the windows server certification, you actually only need 15 days for it. Thanks to Microsoft, you can go through an instructor-led classroom training session to easily clear the exams that get you the certification.

MCSA: Windows Server 2016 Training and Exams

In order to get your certification, you need to pass three exams:

Exam 70-740

This exam focuses on all the primary factors such as installation, storage, a walkthrough of all the functionalities and features of Windows Server 2016.

Training Course 20740C

The easiest and quickest way to clear this exam is to take the five-day course, 20740C. You have the choice of selecting between on-demand training and classroom training. It mainly depends on your availability. Microsoft has partnered with many online and physical institutes to provide IT experts training of this course. All these partners are certified, so you don’t really have anything to worry about. When in doubt, choose QuickStart.

This 12-module course is the first step that leads you towards getting an MCSA: Windows Server 2016 certification. The training focuses on all the essential features every windows server administrator needs to know in order to install and operate the technology. However, this course is designed for those individuals who have some knowledge and experience of working with Windows Servers. Individuals who are new to this technology may face difficulties in understanding most of the terminologies. The exam also covers Hyper-V, and the monitoring and maintenance of servers in compute and physical environments.

Exam 70-741

This exam focuses on all the functionalities and networking features available in Windows Server 2016.

Training Course 20741B

This five-day training program will help you easily learn all the things that can be asked in the second exam. It covers remote access technologies, IP fundamentals, and software defined networking. This course is designed for IT experts who are looking for knowledge regarding advanced networking technologies in Windows Server 2016.

You’ll also learn how to strategize and execute an IPv4 network. Additionally, it also covers IPAM, DNS, and DHCP. If you aren’t familiar with advanced networking features, like software-defined networking, the trainer will show you how you can execute these technologies. You can also learn how to apply VPNs to your networking protocols and achieve a high-end security barrier to protect all your data on the server.

With this training course, you’ll learn all the technicalities there are in networking, step by step. Starting from planning and implementing an IPv4 network, to implementing Software Defined Networking (SDN).

Note: This exam tests all the technicalities there are to networking within the Windows Server 2016. Therefore, if you know that you aren’t familiar with most of these technologies, it’s better to take the on-demand training. This learning environment allows you three months of access, so you can go back to things that you need to work on.

Exam 70-742

The third and last exam that usually is the hardest one to clear is an extensive knowledge-based exam that covers everything that you need to know to become a certified Windows Server 2016 expert.

  • Install and Configure Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) (20-25%)
  • Maintain and Monitor AD DS (15-20%)
  • Create and Manage Group Policy (25-30%)
  • Execute Identity Federation and Access Solutions (15-20%)
  • Execute Active Directory Certificate Services (10-15%)

Training Course 20742B

This five-day course is suited for IT professionals who have at least some knowledge of AD DS. It teaches you how to setup and utilize AD DS in a distributed environment, how to execute, restore, and backup, how to execute Group Policy Objects (GPOs), and how to troubleshoot and observe Active Directory–related concerns with the Windows Server 2016.

The instructor will also cover how to secure AD DS and user accounts, and execute and manage a certificate authority (CA) hierarchy with ADCS. It also looks at all the functionalities such as Active Directory Federations Services (AD FS), AD CS, and Web Application proxy implementations.

Other Ways to Clear the Exam

For those who don’t have enough time to take online or classroom training sessions, you have the option of purchasing preparation books for each of the exams. You can buy these books from the Microsoft Press Store. Apart from that, you can also take official Microsoft practice tests for each exam to get a better picture of what the actual challenge will be like.

In the US, the median salary of MCSA holders is $49,263 (technical support), to $91,276 (system engineer) per year. Many IT professionals have seen the difference a Microsoft certification makes. It can help you get your dream job and live a comfortable life. The best thing about the Windows Server Certification is that you can easily prepare for it within 15 days. Join the training sessions ASAP and clear all three exams to give your resume a boost.

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