Azure Administrator Certification: Top Things You Need to Know


Azure Administrator Certification: Top Things You Need to Know

Businesses around the world are moving to the cloud and looking for experts who can make cloud computing and transition smooth. If you possess these skills, there's a definite job market available for you with amazing career opportunities. However, the best way to ensure you get the finest opportunities in the crowded cloud job market, you may need more than just skills. This is where an Azure Administrator certification can help you. Whether you are looking for new opportunities or career growth, Azure training can help you achieve your goal. To operate on the Azure cloud with efficiency, Azure certification is both relevant and crucial. The knowledge and skills you learn help you with cloud business administration and make tasks like assembling ventures, managing and developing complication applications, and other operations easier.

Organizations can opt for Microsoft Azure training and certification for their IT team to polish various cloud administrative capabilities in the team. Gaining a certification like Azure Administrator helps the team with working frameworks, databases, gadgets, and other software and equipment that makes cloud operations worthwhile.

Why Azure Administrator Certification is Important

Azure has captured the market as one of the leaders and is, therefore, one of the most preferred platforms used by businesses around the world. Moving to the cloud can be quite daunting. To ensure this transition takes place smoothly, businesses tend to higher people with more updated information, great skills, and experience to carry out the transition and administration process on the cloud platform.

Businesses choose Azure for a number of reasons. The most common ones are:

  • Azure is available in many more region as compared to other similar platforms.
  • The crossover capacities of the platform are absolutely unparalleled
  • It's easier to adopt and implement

By gaining professional Azure training and certification, you are perceived as an ideal person to carry out this job. This instantly increases your chance to find a lucrative opportunity to kickstart your career. Administrative certification is also divided into two courses. Keep reading to learn more.

About Azure Administrator Certification - Integration and Security

This part of the certification covers areas like discovery, assessment, IT computing, maintenance, and management of the core web apps and infrastructure of the Azure platform. Additionally, it introduces application building and deployment to the candidates. Moreover, the certification teaches about implementing and configuring a number of mechanisms and networking traffic distributions to help the candidates learn all about organizational challenges and how security should be the number one priority for all modern IT and cloud environments.

Azure Administrator Certification - Infrastructure and Deployment

This part of the certification focuses on the management Azure storage solution implementation, Azure subscription management, establishing and managing virtual machines, managing and configuring Azure Virtual Networks, and understanding of the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). The course will also cover a detailed introduction to Azure AD Connect, which enables the integration between on-premise and Azure-Active directories.

Azure Administrator Certification - Benefits

In addition to the professional benefits you can achieve, there are various advantages that businesses can gain too by using experts certified with Azure Administrator certification.

  • The certification can instantly upskill the Azure administrative individuals as well as the teams. The training provides the team with the capability to deal with different challenges that come with transitioning on to the Azure cloud platform.
  • Training boosts the ability of the organization's teams to scale up cloud operations.
  • Training and certification provide the team with an enhanced ability to utilize Azure Active Directory functionality. This helps create an active directory based solely on the cloud.


Naturally, an individual trained Azure certification can use Azure efficiently. They can run applications without interruptions or delays. There is no need for additional coding either. Azure does not only offer efficient storage, but it's also well-protected, secure, and a flexible platform.

Big Market Share

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft is taking over the industry and shares a big chunk of the market. The growth is alarming, which means that the user base for Azure will be massive too. This is where the demand for Azure experts increases as well. Microsoft is a reliable name. However, that's not the only reason it as the lion's share in the market. It is basically the features and tools that Microsoft offers that has captured the market so well.

Public Cloud

Around 88% of the organizations in the industry have already taken up the public cloud platform for operations. These organizations are also inclined towards the use of Virtual Machines to make things even smoother in a public cloud. Stats like these are the driving factor why most businesses are considering moving to the cloud and hiring experts to make this easier and worthwhile.  And when businesses make such decisions, there's nothing better than choosing Microsoft Azure platform. When an individual has Azure Administrator Certification under the belt, the move becomes easier, and you are in a better position to get better career opportunities. Moreover, they are more dedicated to utilizing the best features and services of the platform and benefit the business in the most unique way possible.


Azure training is not only ideal for candidates looking for advanced experience and knowledge to implement in various IT field, but it is also a great deal for businesses moving to the cloud. They can hire experts for fields such as security, networking, virtualization, disaster recovery, identity, business continuity, data management, budgeting, and governance. Opt for Azure Administrator certification if you are looking for career growth in that field. Find out more about your available options and let our Azure experts help you.

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