Security in Office 365 – 8 Things You Need to Know


Security in Office 365 – 8 Things You Need to Know

Office 365 has been designed, as Microsoft calls it, on the principles of Security Development Lifecycle (SDL). The term lifecycle here guarantees that every phase of the development process will be secure. The concept of SDL ensures that businesses will be able to develop secure software while keeping in mind the requirement of data security and cost control.

Utilized globally, Office 365 was infused by British Airways in their system so that communication could take place, problems could be solved, and knowledge could be shared. According to Julie Boddy, the business and technology improvement manager at British Airways, “Consumer technology gave us an insight into what our colleagues wanted. We repeatedly heard that they were more productive at home with their own devices than they were at work. Mobility and flexibility; anywhere, anytime access to data; real-time communications; sharing and storing files in a secure manner online—all these capabilities pointed us to Microsoft Office 365.” In an article Boddy reveals Office 365 to be the solution for driving the business forward, for connecting its people with its customers and with each other using the best collaborative tools provided by Office 365.

When we trust a system with our information, we have many doubts. With the business world prone to so many threats every organization is bound to feel vulnerable. Office 365 not only provides a network of applications to business but assures the security of all data users store in it. To take full advantage of the secure applications that Office 365 has to provide businesses can opt for O365 Training. Office 365 Certification enables users to utilize the services up to the system’s full potential. Not to forget, employees will be able to explore all aspects of Office 365 with one great investment.

Layers of security

The data centers only allow authorized personnel to access and provide layers of security through biometric readers, security alarms, motion sensors, video surveillance and secured access 24/7. The security mechanisms look into not just external but internal threats as well. Needless to say, the systems have built-in antispam and antivirus protection.

Data Encryption

One of the major concerns that a business may face when sharing their important information over the internet is of leakages. Encryption of data is considered as one of the most effective ways to secure data. Microsoft encrypts your data in both rest and transit. In case you wish to limit your data and communications from the public internet Microsoft provides you Azure ExpressRoute so that you can directly connect to servers and other services by cloud.

Regular Backups

Calamities are not only natural they exist in the world of technology also, but Office 365 with its regular back up assures you to keep your data is safe. Now without the fear of losing your information to technological calamities, one may take their work anywhere they want to.

Hard Passwords

Indeed it is difficult to remember way too many passwords. However, to secure your information on office 365, Microsoft encourages you to create a hard password. It might be difficult to remember one, but it will definitely be worth the effort.

Customize Your Security

Microsoft lets you control all that you own so that you can customize your Office 365 to best fit your security needs. To make it not just secure but also manageable from anywhere, you can allow access to data through mobile devices. To enhance security and keep it up to the mark, Office 365 is regularly updated.

Data Portability

Many times, we lose the data stored elsewhere when the term ends but in the case of the Office 365 users need not worry. One of the most amazing features of Office 365 is data portability where the users’ data is not deleted at the end of the term rather they can migrate it flexibly using the data portability feature.

Unauthorized data Visitors

 If as a user, you may have doubts that anyone not authorized will be peeking into your mailbox let us inform you that Office 365 utilizes the lockbox concept to provide their customers a never heard of control over their content. Even in case an engineer logs into the data for the purpose to resolve an issue Office 365 lets you control the content that can be viewable. To increase efficiency, Microsoft has reduced the human interaction of its employees with its customers to a near zero. No one can access your information without your permission, not even for advertising. The only purpose customer data is utilized is to provide the services. Customers are provided visibility, so they can view where their data exists and who has access to it.

Canceling a Subscription

Do not be worried about losing your data in case of canceling a subscription because customers are given the benefit to retrieve their data and after 90 days their data is removed. Having mentioned that as discussed above Microsoft does not use the data of its customers and the sole purpose is to provide the services.

Keep Your Complex Data Secure Through Simple Controls

The work culture is changing, and it’s changing fast where work is open but at the same time secure, where you work together and collaboratively. While many companies offer great services what they usually lack is end-user productivity. Office 365 educates and empowers its customers with continuous development in each and every phase. A transparent system that lets you see through everything, you know your security and how to control it. Become a part of this modern workplace through O365 training today and connect with us to learn about your options right away. 

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