The Top 8 jobs for Microsoft Azure Certified Professionals in 2020


The Top 8 jobs for Microsoft Azure Certified Professionals in 2020

Microsoft cloud services lead the market in IT. Certifications in Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing services have a huge demand in the evolving world of technology. The certifications are typically high in demand, and professional training ensures they enhance an IT professional’s expertise.

Regardless of the segment of IT you belong to - whether a developer, an admin or an analyst - Azure training increases chances of professional growth and widen the career path for you. Azure certifications not only lead to more job opportunities but also upsurge possibilities of high paying jobs and promotions. With Azure training bringing endless possibilities to a brighter future, let’s not forget that it will also add to your experience and skill set.

Top Azure Certified Professions to Look for in 2020

Before we discuss the various jobs that a Microsoft Azure professional can get, let us understand the importance of choosing the right kind of certification. How do you know which certification to choose? The answer depends on your choice of career, your current job position and your area of expertise. These elements will help you decide which Azure certification to opt for. While we are at discussing the choice of certificates, let’s take a look at the top jobs for Microsoft Azure certified professionals in 2020!

Azure Cloud Architect

The term architect is enough to indicate that the job involves a connection with engineers and clients while offering an interface with technical leaders and stakeholders. A cloud architect works on technical architectures and leads implementation to make sure that the diverse spread of new technology is enacted. With the knowledge of cloud computing and an Azure certification, you can fit into the role of a cloud architect.

Cloud Administrator

The cloud administrator fulfills the task of installing, functioning and looking after systems on the Microsoft Azure platform. If operating, managing and installing is your forte in cloud-based programming, enroll in the Azure certification today to make yourself eligible for the job of cloud administrator. The Azure certificate adds value to your profile and gets you a high paying job.

Cloud Developer       

Cloud developers develop software for businesses. If you have a credible amount of experience in the development of software and some background information of Azure, you are eligible for quite a handful of jobs. Once you become a Microsoft Azure Developer with the help of the Azure developer certification, you will be able to move up the career path as a cloud developer.

Cloud Sales and Purchase Manager

If you think IT professionals have nothing to do with sale and purchase, you might want to rethink. Being a cloud sales and purchase manager lets you become a part of the organization that focuses on adapting to Microsoft Azure. With Azure Cloud, practitioner certificate career scope of an IT professional exponentially widens. You get the chance to become a massive contributing factor in shaping the advancement of creative technology in an organization. The certification allows you to be able to work alongside IT architects and software developers.

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Cloud DevOps Engineer

A role exuding immense expertise and responsibility, a DevOps engineer is someone whose skills go beyond development. Their range of expertise lies in system deployment and operations. DevOps engineers work with system operators, the technical team and developers. They play multiple roles by also handling the release of codes.

You will be eligible for the job of a DevOps engineer once you have had a set of multiple skills and an in-depth knowledge through Azure certification. Companies are now mostly looking for DevOps engineers, as they want to develop a culture of DevOps in their organization. Validating your skills with an Azure DevOps certification, your chances of getting a job in the field doubles!

Azure Big Data Specialist

The Azure big data specialist is able to design and then implement big data services in a manner that value can be derived from that data. This position requires one to have a considerable amount of experience in data analytics. Companies opt for employees who possess technical knowledge in architecture and defining Azure big data services. The Azure big data services certification can make you become the number one choice of employers for this post.

Azure Networking Specialist

If you’d been wondering why there isn’t a job for networking in the list yet, worry not. Azure has a certified advanced networking training, and it is for those experts who want to work in the field of networking. It is a specialty exam, and employers have a huge demand for individuals with a cloud network engineering certification. Through this, you will be able to design and implement advanced Azure and hybrid projects.

Key Account Manager, Cloud

The diverse number of Azure certifications means there’s something for everyone. The job role of a key account manager is to manage the sales account of cloud storage, server and products. The manager also has to look after customer accounts and help with purchase decisions.

The most important task here for the manager is to enable adoption, work for generating revenue and drive market penetration. Not to forget taking care of the large customer base for the business. Get your certification today and become the employer’s first choice when applying to a position.


Microsoft services have gripped the market, and hence its certifications are highly demanded by employers. Passing the Azure certification exam after Azure Training can get you the above-mentioned job. Learning Azure skills will play an integral part in your career growth. Not only do Azure certifications get you higher salaries but also help you enter a recognized field and enjoy a respectable job title. 

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