How are ITIL Certifications Beneficial for Enterprises in 2019


How are ITIL Certifications Beneficial for Enterprises in 2019

ITIL is an advanced approach for an organization to establish itself in the IT industry and continue building a successful pathway. The ITIL approach also helps amalgamate core strategies that help with running a successful IT service organization. The focus is on utilizing the best practices for IT services to increase business performance.

In short, any organization that offers IT services to its customers should adopt an effective way to manage these services. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) can play a major role. It comes with a set of detailed best practices for ITSM (Information Technology Service Management) that focuses more on the end user instead of technology. The aim is to ensure maximum customer satisfaction by offering them IT services that are perfectly aligned with their requirements.

In addition to the benefits, it offers the customers, implementing ITIL practices brings various advantages for the organization as well. Not only the services are offered as per the customers' need, but they are also perfectly aligned with the business needs.

How Are ITIL and ITSM Different From Each Other

ITSM and ITIL go hand in hand, despite being exclusive in nature. If you are offering IT services, chances are that you already have some ITSM activities like application performance management, application monitoring, system management, and budget management to ensure efficient delivery of services as well as business continuity.

In simple words, ITIL is the standardized framework of best practices and guidelines to ensure supporting ITSM in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible.  

ITIL Certification Benefits to the Enterprise

To gain them all, organizations must first understand the real potential of ITIL. Therefore, it is important to be sure of what ITIL can do for the organization, and how it improves the current position of the business. Moreover, it also needs to focus on the specific needs of the organization and work towards an objective and vision in this regard. This helps with establishing a direction for the ITIL process.

The benefits that an organization can gain are numerous and not just limited to specific areas of IT. However, the best way to ensure you are capable of gaining all those benefits is to offer ITIL training to your employees. That does not only help with unlocking the true potential of ITIL but also ensures the organization is introduced to ITIL best practices. The experts ensure professional interaction between customers and the organization, which eventually translates into higher customer satisfaction.

Here are some more interesting benefits that experts with ITSM certification can earn for your organization.

System Integration

ITIL experts ensure system integration for a number of reasons. Creating that sort of compatibility with a third-party project management system can lead to various benefits of its own.

In addition to a great level of visibility between different teams, the organization also benefits by enabling better collaboration and optimizing workflow. System integration with ITIL ensures every party involved is on the same page.

Business Alignment with IT

As mentioned earlier, ITIL works according to the specific needs and requirements of the business. This keeps the vision aligned. While ITIL itself is not responsible for drawing out business strategies, it supports is crucial. With IT Ops training, your team will be prepared to implement the ITIL framework to enable IT to become a strategic part of the organization by participating in core decision making and by acting as a service provider.

Improved Reliability

Continuous monitoring and problem-management process that works under a proper framework enable an organization to improve performance. An effective management process helps to perform a detailed root cause analysis to figure out the real problems behind various incidents. It also enables the team to carry out the management process thoroughly and resolve issues, preventing incidents from occurring in the future.

Change Management

One of the best benefits of implementing ITIL processes is to establish an agile environment within the business. This helps with improving the ability of the business to respond to changes more efficiently. Since IT is evolving at a constant pace, there are alterations in the requirements regularly. An agile environment will adapt to the changing environment and continue with the business without disruptions. In short, the business continues to grow and achieve continuous improvement without any trouble. Change management also works as a key component for IT compliance. Not only it helps with tracking but also carries out detailed documentation for application activities and IT systems.

High-Quality Service

ITIL enables an organization to implement service-level management processes and business relationships that instantly improve the quality of service. Since the organization gains better visibility to what customer wants, they strive to offer them services that match their expectation. This also leads to the utmost customer satisfaction. Improvement in the quality of service also helps manage customer expectations more efficiently. The customers start to rely on the business more for its high quality IT services.

Business Agility

Business agility is crucial for organizations to stand out in the crowd. The key is to adapt to the fast-changing trends. ITSM experts ensure they implement ITIL framework best practices and pre-defined processes to enable business for better reaction and responses, keeping the evolving technology landscape in mind.


ITIL isn't really a set of rules. It's more of guidelines that help deliver and design the unique IT services that business offer. The key to ensuring you are able to achieve all of the benefits mentioned above and more is to gain a deep understanding of your significant customization and business requirements.

Moreover, you must ensure your team is up-to-date with the updated knowledge and skill set required for ITSM services by offering them the best online IT training opportunity. To learn more about IT Ops and ITSM, get in touch with our ITSM experts now.  

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