Windows vs Linux vs Mac - 2020 Comparison


Windows vs Linux vs Mac - 2020 Comparison

An operating system is a program that handles both the software and hardware of our devices. They are designed in a way that the end-user finds the device very easy to operate.

There are three primary OS that we are going to compare today

  • Mac by Apple
  • Windows by Microsoft
  • Linux by community

Market shares:

 According to StatCounter, global fact in January 2020 windows enjoys 79.1 % of desktop operating system market share. Mac savors 14.37% and Linux stands at 3.31%.this may encourage highly motivated professionals to certify in ms 20740 installation storage and compute with windows server 2016. it is also stated that nearly 80% of the desktop computers use Windows as their operating system. We can say that masses use Microsoft and Linux and Apple users are on the creative side.

 Dependability and security:

The security of these operating systems is a crucial factor in determining the dependability. Just keep in mind the security of these OS does not depend on their algorithms. The element that windows own a larger market share is also a factor. This makes Windows more attractive to hackers. More users mean more systems and more databases to infiltrate.

Software security:

In software security, Linux wins the race. Linux is considered to be the securest of all the three. Why? The answer is not complicated at all. Linux has open-source, and that makes it open for review, looking for bugs and elimination of backdoors. But Linux may be too complicated for some users, and they may need to hire an IT professional with Linux administration certification.

Hardware security:

In hardware security, all three lie at the same height. There was a time when Apple used to manufacture its chips, but now all three uses the same chips from the same manufacturer. So all of them have the same security level.

Software options:

Talking about Apple, Ecosystem pops in our minds. Every Apple device uses the Ecosystem. Apple has substantial control over the system and over the software that is compatible with the devices. But Apple still has good creative following due to the quality of the software Apple has to offer. It also provides the same installation process for everything, which makes it easier for users.

 In comparison to Apple, Microsoft offers its users a vast range of software. But as the product range widens, so does the complications. Downloading software in Microsoft is a little complicated as compared to Apple. But when we are done with the downloading their is a world of options. The reason for that is the user base of windows. It is so vast that the developer's first choice is always Microsoft as compared to the other two. For example in the gaming industry, almost all the games are compatible with windows.

Let's talk about Linux now. It has a uniform installation process, so it is pretty easy to acquire. The downside of Linux is its small user base.popularity of Linux in Average user is very low, which in turn causes the developers and launchers to have shallow interest in making their software compatible with Linux. But It has very high popularity among professional and expert users.

For example, people may not use Linux to play games, but they may use it to create games. We can have an idea about it as all the 500 supercomputers run on Linux.83.1% of developers prefer Linux over other OS. It is also estimated that almost 9 out of 10 production houses use Linux for visual effects in Hollywood movies. Linux also enjoys a 75% share of the server market. This factor of Linux also makes it popular among the IT professionals for making it a part of their careers and learn about it professionally and get their Linux administration certification.

Miscellaneous Features:

In this section, we will look upon smart assistants, privacy, multi-touch and cost

Smart assistants:

Masses are widely using Siri, the Apple assistant, and Cortana, the Microsoft assistant both. Both are good, but Siri, on being a part of the Apple ecosystem, is same on every device. Which gives Apple lots of points for being consistent.


Linux, in this matter, is the best option available. Apple user is also efficiently controlling its privacy options as compared to Microsoft.


Multitouch the platform where Linux does not give a lot of fight to the competitors, but that is because it is not associated with hardware manufacturing. Apple also has the benefit here because of its uniformity at every platform. Microsoft is not as consistent as Apple in the touch screen.that is because multiple manufacturers are associated with Microsoft.


Linux is free. We all know that. Microsoft costs over a hundred dollars, and Apple is even expensive than Microsoft. Apple is not available for every PC. If you have a computer that is not of Apple, you can not install Apple's OS on the device, .but in comparison, if you have a Windows PC, you can convert and use the same one with Linux.

Dark mode:

For the people who use their devices actively, it is an essential feature. Again Apple has made it easy for users with its consistency. Windows is also giving the option, but it may also depend on the software you are using. Linux is also good at giving control to the user.


‚óŹ     There are three primary OS that are being used in the market. Mac by Apple, Windows by Microsoft, Linux by the community. We are going to compare them.

  • Windows enjoy the largest market share. Apple comes after that, and Linux has the smallest share.
  • Linux is considered to have the strongest software and hardware security.
  • Linux has the most professionally used software. After that comes Apple, but Microsoft supports the largest amount of software.
  • Dark mode, multi-touch, and virtual assistants are strong suits of Apple.
  • Linux costs nothing and gives privacy a lot of importance.

Which operating system is the best? Based on the above-mentioned points, it depends on what purpose you are using it for.

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