Here's why NetApp Training and Certifications Should Matter to Companies in 2019


Here's why NetApp Training and Certifications Should Matter to Companies in 2019

With NetApp training and certifications, you get the recognition you need - and that's exactly what they promise you. It is one of the most prominent names in the unified storage systems launched to date. This is the ultimate storage system that offers a wide variety of solutions for specific software, hardware, and services. It is available for a number of different platforms and network environments. No wonder, the exceeding benefits associated with NetApp training and certifications such as ONTAP SAN Implementation and Designing FlexPod Solutions; puts so much stress on why it should matter so much to organizations operating in 2019.

With the globally-acclaimed certification under your belt, you are highly recognized, and your skills are validated throughout the world. For individuals, this could be the first yet the most promising method of entering the world of Information Technology. In addition to proving your necessary skills to apply and manage NetApp technologies, individuals with training and certification are also preferred over individuals with a simple degree. However, the benefits of these certifications are not only limited to the individuals who pursue it but the organizations who hire these individuals and gain an instant edge over competitors in the market.

NetApp Training and Certifications - The Key to Success In 2019

For any IT-based industry running today, it isn't possible to ignore the importance of upgraded skills and knowledge and move on. To attain success and productivity, utilizing the best that it is available in the market is necessary. The key is to maximize the performance and value of what you have and use NetApp solutions in the best possible manner to attain all the associated benefits.

Here are all the amazing reasons why NetApp training and certification is all that companies need to focus on this year.

Space-Saving Super Storage Tech

This is the basic reason why we have a networking solution available today. With massive amounts of data produced today on a daily basis, every organization requires a reliable space-saving technology that allows you to store more applications and data than ever before - that too in one place. NetApp leads this space. The innovations and offerings it has in terms of space saving are outstanding. These include RAID-DP, de-duplication, and thin provisioning. In simpler ways, these technologies allow you to store massive volumes of data without incurring gigantic costs. The packages you get are another plus. Therefore, it is very important that you choose the right storage option as per your need. This is where training can help. Your team will be able to make a wise decision with regards to choosing the right space-saving storage technology to save more money.

Unified Storage Platform

With the amount of data companies rely on today, organizing can be a challenge. It is nothing less than a blessing to have a service that allows you to keep all your data in one place. The past location of the data does not matter, neither does the format. When the company has access to a unified storage platform, it's easier to manage and store data more efficiently. Unlike conventional storage options, there's no need of investing in additional devices for compliance or archiving. Everything can be controlled easily and with the help of a single management interface. Last but not least, you do not even have to change the format of your data.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

A number of leading companies around the world depend on the NetApp system, software, and service to store and manage their data. It is known for introducing innovation to your systems to help reduce both complexity and cost associated with data management and storage. Furthermore, it helps reduce risk while allowing better control of data management to the organization. With training, your team is able to respond to the upgrades and changes and adapt quickly. Training further ensures that your team is prepared to make the most out of the many efficiency-enhancing features and cost-saving methods that are naturally built into the NetApp solutions. The key is to offer you the maximum value of your NetApp investments.


In addition to offering the space-saving storage tech, the NetApp platform offers you a solution to avoid letting your data accumulate. However, instead of buying separate units for data types or re-organizing your data, you can simply ask for another storage device, connect it, and voila! Buying units are not only expensive but much more complex for data storage. NetApp has simplified this process for you without changing anything. The organization also has the same management controls. There's additional ease that allows you to expand your storage solution and enjoy more flexibility. No wonder, NetApp is such a reliable and popular solutions. An organization is definitely missing out on a great data storage solution if it's not using the NetApp platform.

Reduces Operating Costs

NetApp training in 2019 brings additional benefits of controlling operational costs for you. You develop NetApp expertise and skills, which helps you save both time and money. Additionally, you can address problems much faster and thus, significantly minimize your operating costs. Adopting NetApp this year brings in the skills and knowledge required to manage and deploy the solutions in the most efficient possible ways. By reducing operating cost and support, you can also increase your return on investments.


By focusing on NetApp training and certification, organizations can save money, time, and other important resources and development professionals within the boundary. The company can effectively and efficiently learn how to design, plan, manage, and implement key components of the data center. NetApp is all that you have been missing on. So, if you are ready to fill the gap right away, get in touch with us and learn your available options. 

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