5 Reasons for NetApp Certification for Network and Data Management Professionals


5 Reasons for NetApp Certification for Network and Data Management Professionals

Regardless of your role, the NetApp storage solution is a path that has a wide variety of certification options that's suitable for every need. Whether you deal with networking directly, or have data management responsibilities, becoming a NetApp certified offers you the recognition you deserve. In addition to validating your skills and knowledge in the technical field, it's the best way to demonstrate your real capabilities, expertise, and professionalism. It helps you gain a competitive edge in the market, boosts up your resume, and open doors to innovative opportunities in the industry.

In short, with NetApp training and certification under your belt, your career is really secure.

NetApp Training - Can You Really Build A Career

In fact, you can easily build a profitable, strong IT profession regardless of where you are in the world. NetApp associated training and certifications are recognized worldwide and offer opportunities that help you build an established career and achieve all your professional goals. The NetApp certification program prepares you for technical networking responsibilities as well as data management. Since the platform offers a unified storage system, it is the preferred platform for most organizations. By attaining a NetApp certification, you naturally gain demand in the industry as most organizations require professionally trained NetApp certified individuals to take up the roles.

Professional Benefits of NetApp Training and Certification

Interestingly, the certification gives your career a much-needed push in terms of growth. If you have already been a professional in the field, gaining an additional and such an acclaimed certification instantly increases your chance to find better growth opportunities. NetApp training and certification is definitely a great step towards career building.

Be Recognized for Your Skills

As mentioned earlier, it doesn't matter whether you are a network professional or dealing with data management in an organization, NetApp certification validates and helps you gain recognition for your expertise. The certification enables professionals to obtain world-wide acceptance for their knowledge and skills. It helps them achieve a framework that enables employers to further assess the capabilities and technical skills of their employees. The key is to offer you the growth and professional development that you deserve. With advanced certifications, you naturally have better capabilities to deal with bigger problems. When you are trained that way, your abilities and skills are utilized, and you will be compensated accordingly. Training does not only help you become better at what you do but allows you to make the most out of NetApp platform for maximum benefits.

Minimum Cost, Maximum Training

Organizations can avail the Training Units (TUs) facility for network and data management professionals. This facility enables you to invest in advance for the training the entire organization can make use of. This adds flexibility, as you are able to redeem that prepaid investment whenever you need. TUs can be used for any mix of curricula and class format. If your organization offers you such flexibility, it's best to make the most out of it and gain NetApp training and certifications such as ONTAP SAN Implementation and Designing FlexPod Solutions; right away. As a professional, it can give your career the boost you are looking for, as you can immediately access the training you require.

Variety and Versatility

There are different types of special training courses that NetApp has to offer. They are categorized into four different classes: Associate, Professional, Specialist, Expert. Each of these categories has several training options in multiple fields, including data track and hybrid cloud track. The variety of options enable the individual to plan these certifications strategically. Once you have decided your focus, you can start with the associate level certification and move forward all the way to the expert level certification. As you continue to attain more certifications, you can expect similar rewards in return regarding your career.

Bigger Contributions in Terms of NetApp Solutions

Organizations can use NetApp services but not necessarily benefit from them. This is because they need professionals in-house to make the most out of the available features. As a NetApp certified professional, you will be able to make bigger contributions towards the organization and utilize NetApp solutions at its best. This makes you an asset and definitely in high demand. You can expect better career opportunities and get hired by the best organizations at top positions.

Reduce Operating Costs

With NetApp expertise and skills, you can work for your organization and help them save time and money. It gives you the capability of addressing issues effectively and quickly and help significantly reduce operating costs. Training offers you with skills and knowledge that helps manage and deploy all important NetApp solutions. Organizations also see this as a fast return on their training and certification investment. So, make the most out of this opportunity.

NetApp Data Center Optimization

NetApp solutions offer extensive technical courses and portfolio. These training courses can be used by both new storage professionals and experienced professionals. The focus is on helping individuals achieve a range of capabilities in tech specialties. These include:

  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Net ONTAP Data Management Software
  • Database
  • Virtualization
  • File Services
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Collaboration and Messaging


Organizations need to focus on offering such training and certifications to create professionals within the enterprise. This does not only help them achieve an edge over the competition but also save resources. Prepare your team to be more data-driven to find a solution and increase their efficiency with the best of the training and certifications NetApp offers. 

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