Shift Enterprise Application Development to Azure App Dev Services with App Development Training

Shift Enterprise Application Development to Azure App Dev Services with App Development Training

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The combination of infrastructure tools of Microsoft Azure makes it an interesting platform for developers. It further allows the development models to mix and customize according to the enterprise developer requirements. There are many advantages a business can gain by shifting application development to Azure app dev services. With cloud computing solutions the delivery of computing services like storage, networking, databases, software, servers, and analytics, the overall enterprise operations can be taken to the whole new level. Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform needs no introduction. It is a computing service that offers solutions based on your specific requirements. From fortune 500 to smaller startups, most companies are already using the platform to earn maximum advantages.

If you are accelerating towards creating new services and indulge into app development, websites, hosting blogs, and more, Microsoft Azure can be the delivering software you need that offers you services as per your development demands. A major reason why you need Azure cloud is that it offers Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Platform as a Service (PaaS). This multiple-platform infrastructure integrates cloud services, programming languages, structures, bundled suites, sand tools to help enterprise get started with their cloud journey. The App Service is one of the products by Azure, which is completely run by PaaS that provides all type of services and tools required for creating scalable and reliable mobile apps, web apps, logic apps, and API apps in a single instance.

The platform indeed offers the most powerful capabilities like continuous integration with GitHub and Visual studio build-in development operations, production and staging support, and automatic patching to allow the developers to instantly create web applications. The platform is also a great opportunity for enterprise developers to integrate their cloud and on-premise systems seamlessly.

Why Shift Enterprise Application Development to Azure Platform

Here are the awesome app service features that you can utilize right away!

Quick App Deployment

With app development training, deploying your enterprise application to Azure becomes a matter of a few clicks. With the right training to use the Azure platform and its corresponding tools like Visual Studio, the process of app deployment becomes easier and much faster. Trained developers can also use PowerShell, git and other options to deploy the app automatically. Azure is responsible for handling deployment code to high availability at different servers, which further improves the efficiency of deployment.

Improved Productivity

The platform enables building mobile, web and API apps using.Net Core, .Net, Ruby, Java, Python, Node.js, and Docket. The process is simple and only requires making integration into your current framework. Doing so offers unparalleled productivity with outstanding high-tech capabilities such as live-site debugging, constant integration, and Visual Studio IDE. The platform enables the trained developers to make the most out of an ecosystem of prebuilt apps, Azure Marketplace connectors, and APIs. For updates, developers can easily use the integrated CI/CD capabilities with Bitbucket, Visual Studio, GitHub, and Docker Hub.

Self-Sufficient Management

While it's great if an organization offers training to its IT team for web application development, the platform is pretty self-sufficient when it comes to management. At Azure, you can run and scale enterprise apps effortlessly on Linux or Windows, with the help of a fully-managed platform infrastructure for automated load balancing, performance maintenance, and more. The developers can add SSL certificates, custom domains, identity service integration, and single sign-on to your apps. Get detailed application and performance health insights for better troubleshooting.

Save Money

A great feature that most businesses can take advantage from is the platform's ability to combine multiple applications. The app services can save you money as it does not require each app to have its own server. On the other hand, if you want to keep each app isolated from each other, you can just choose different App Service Plans for them that works like different groups of servers.

Enterprise-Grade Apps

Azure offers enterprise-grade security, global data center network, and compliance. This allows develops to build and host apps with more confidence than ever. Connect your mobile or web apps to SaaS or enterprise systems in a few minutes. Secure your apps using Active Directory (AD) integration and pick your preferred environment for deployment - including private and public clouds, on-premise environments, or a virtual network. The enterprise-grade apps, such as App Service Environment (ASE) also allows secure and smooth running of applications at a high scale in a dedicated, compliant, and fully isolated environment. Leverage high-speed, secure connections to on-premise resources. The connections also enable developers to access other imperative resources available at Azure. Achieve all this without losing control over your network traffic.

Higher Global Scale

The Azure platform does not only offer high availability across regions but also within the enterprise as you deploy host services and data on multiple locations. The platform is capable of scaling horizontally and vertically based on customizable rules or application performance to handle peaks in workload without any human involvement. Also, it manages all that without increasing the cost during peak-times. With Azure, be ready to experience the most rigorous scalability requirements and app performance with the newly launched D-Series compute option.

Developer Productivity

The Azure Marketplace is loaded with a never-ending list of application templates to choose from. This makes the process quicker and much easier for the developer, even if the app development process starts from scratch. The templates can be chosen based on the specific requirement of the enterprise and changes can be made to make it more relevant to the initial idea of the app.

With Azure, you are in better control of the application view, its performance, and its health. This enables you to get actionable insights and quick analytics that can help with making better decisions for the business. In addition to choosing the right app development platform, it is also important to offer your IT team and developers the right app development training to enable them to work with such a powerful and versatile framework.

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