Top 10 Free Courses You Can Do Online


Top 10 Free Courses You Can Do Online

E-Learning has taken giant strides over the last couple of years and has reached new heights when it comes to popularity. If you are still unsure about this popular mode of learning, here are 10 free online courses by QuickStart that might change your mind.

1. Course: Creating Dynamic PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint has been the tool of choice of executives for many years when it comes to creating powerful presentations. It comes as part of the Microsoft Office Suite and can be found on most Windows computers in the world. With this course, you will learn how to use transitions, create text animations, and add sound to master slide and much more.

2. Course: Introduction to Javascript

According to StackOverflow, JavaScript is the most popular programming technology in the world. By enrolling into this introductory Javascript course, you will cover topics like development platforms, code editors, libraries, popular browsers and frameworks, which will enhance your general awareness about the role of this programming language in the software of the modern world. After getting familiar with the contemporary technology, you will learn about JavaScript, its characteristics, and how it is different from Java. By introducing you to the fundamentals, this course will make it easy for you to start learning Javascript.

3. Course: Introduction to Transact SQL

SQL is one of the most popular database languages in the world. It has been used widely in many IT institutions all over the world. This course covers SQL querying concepts like SQL dialects and formatting. It also teaches you about case-sensitive collation, aliasing columns and tables, and also sorting result sets.

4. Course: Javascript

This advanced Javascript certification course is designed to take the trainees from the basic concepts of JavaScript programming to its advanced syntax. You learn about code editors, literals, operators, functions, namespaces, classes, and inheritance. By doing this course, you gain better command over this widely used programming language.

5. Course: Microsoft Access-Creating a Database

Created by Microsoft, Microsoft Access is a database management system that integrates the graphical user interface with relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine and also the software-development tools. The course covers topics like table creation, relationships, creating forms, and creating simple and modifying query. This self-paced learning course is available in English language and has a duration of two hours.

6. Course: Microsoft Excel Advanced Functions

Microsoft Excel is one of the most used office tools in the world. Almost every other manager swears by Excel when it comes to managing resources. With this course you will learn about basic and logical formulas, date and text functions, and also about index and lookups. After completing this course, you will be able to handle your daily management tasks with consummate ease.

7. Course: Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Tools

The Microsoft Excel Data Analysis Tools allow you to analyze and validate data, which is crucial for many important office tasks. By learning about data filtering, data sorting, data validation, and what if analysis, anyone can improve his excel skills. This course’s difficulty level is rates as intermediate and it is a self-paced learning course.

8. Course: Microsoft Office 2016 New Features

In order to learn about the newest additions to the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite, you can take this amazing course. Through this course, you will learn about Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access in great detail. After you are done with this course, you will be able to effectively utilize the "Tell Me" bar to find the right tools for your need and at the exact time you want them.

9. Course: Microsoft Office 365-Essential Skills

Office 365 is a famous brand name of Microsoft that it uses for promoting a group of subscriptions that offers software and related services. The course teaches you how to work in Office 365 Environment and use Office Products. You also learn to create a site, add users, and set up versions.

10. Microsoft Excel Data Analysis with PivotTables  

Pivot tables have been an integral part of Microsoft Excel Data Analysis. The pivot tables allow you to extract significance from a detailed set of data, which makes them very useful in an office environment. This is a beginner level, self-paced course that is available in English language.

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