Cisco Training Simplifies Network Troubleshooting and Operations


Cisco Training Simplifies Network Troubleshooting and Operations

Network operations are becoming increasingly complex to meet the demands of the modern day business practices. To keep up with the evolution of networks to next-gen IP/optical technologies, software-defined networking (SDN), cloud networks, and network function virtualization (NFV), the tools used for hassle-free network operation need to evolve as well. This constant evolution and change in the network systems is the reason why network engineers are always looking for ways in which network operations and troubleshooting can be simplified.

Since network operations are becoming highly complex, it is necessary that proper procedures are in place to avoid any disruption in the running traffic. In case of service disruption, network troubleshooting is done to restore the network as soon as possible. Troubleshooting procedures are used to isolate, diagnose, and then find a solution to the issues and problems that arise within a network. Troubleshooting is a systematic approach to resolving and restoring network operations. With increasing reliance of businesses on data collection and network operations, it is absolutely imperative that every organization try to find ways to manage and simplify network operations and troubleshooting. Following are some of the ways in which a company can achieve that:

Know Your Networks Architecture

To utilize and manage your network to its full potential, you need to first know your network. You need to know all about the number of routers and switches you have and the number of endpoints, plus a complete device inventory and where each device is located physically and how each device is connected to the whole network. If you don’t know your network architecture, not only will you not be able to manage it properly but you will also not be able to isolate the problem area when and if a problem arises which in turn means that you won't be able to know from where to start network troubleshooting. It is also important that you know which devices, if down, will result in a major operational problem. Knowing your network in and out is going to help you in managing your network operations in a much more efficient way.

Identifying Your Performance Baseline

Another important step towards simplifying your network troubleshooting and operations is to know your equipment's performance baseline. This will help you in setting a threshold for your device performance. This way you will know when your services exceed your performance threshold which will help you in dealing with false alarms and poor performance. Once you have set a bar for your performance, you will know the maximum capacity of your network, this will help you as your network needs grow with time. Knowing the full capacity of your network equipment will help you in deciding when it is time to upgrade to better equipment. 

Making Upgrades

Like I said knowing your network infrastructure is basically the key to simplifying your network troubleshooting and operations. Knowing your core network will help you spend your time upgrading outdated hardware rather than wasting time in optimizing it. If your network architecture does not support modern tools and protocols, you will only be able to capture limited data which will, in turn, hinder your effective management, monitoring, response and troubleshooting of network problems promptly.

Trained IT Professionals

If your business relies on multiple networks, then you must be well aware of how difficult it can be to manage and monitor all the networks at once. In a scenario like this, your business has one of two options, either you can hire an in-house team of trained IT professionals, or you can hire a third-party tech support team. Regardless of the option, you choose these trained engineers will help you with monitoring the health of your network infrastructure, its security, and capacity. They will use all the available information to optimize the performance of your network. A trained and qualified tech support team will not only monitor your network but will also simplify your operations and troubleshooting. To ensure the performance of your network you might want to hire a Cisco certified Network engineer.

Just like you would not want your health to be in the hands of an untrained doctor, similarly it is absolutely necessary that you hire a team of trained and certified IT support team. This ensures that you will not only look after and manage your network but will also be prepared for any unforeseen problems that might come up at any point in time.

Cisco Training And Certification

Cisco provides a number of certifications ranging from entry level to advanced level training. Hiring an employee with Cisco training and certifications such as CCNA Routing and Switching and CCNA Service Provider Boot Camp ensures that you have an in-house IT tech support that can deal with any and all kinds of problems that may come up in your network. Cisco certification trains an individual to handle network routers and switches so that users can not only communicate within the network but also outside the network.

An employee with Cisco training is a solid, well-trained network engineer who not only has a certificate but is also trained in multiple areas and levels of a switched and routed network. A broad set of subjects that are covered in a fair entry-level certification of Cisco which is CCNA are:

  • LAN and WAN designs
  • IP addressing
  • WLAN and VLAN
  • OSI models
  • Routing protocols
  • Network management and security

If you need a more advanced network engineer, then you can look for a professional (CCNP) or expert (CCIE) certified network engineer.


A Cisco certifies employee will be able to install, monitor, and troubleshoot your network. Hiring a trained individual ensures that all the systems that you have out in place for data management, network operations, and troubleshooting are in good hands. A certified and trained individual will not only be equipped with the latest skills required to deal with any issue but will also be capable of making such network modifications and enhancements that make sure that your network encounters the least amount of issues and traffic disruptions. Get in touch with one of our Cisco network administration experts today.

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