6 Real World Advantages of the CompTIA A+ Certification


6 Real World Advantages of the CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ certification not only helps professionals in the information technology field to have an edge over their peers, but it also provides a validation of their skills. Due to the fact that it is a globally respected certification, anyone who has passed this exam is obviously respected in the market by the employees and employers alike. CompTIA training makes an individual aware of every aspect of hardware and software. Not only that, but it also adds to the confidence level of an employee which, in turn, helps employees time and again. It is known that those with CompTIA training and CompTIA A+ certification receive special treatment and higher monetary benefits as compared to those who do not possess these qualifications. CompTIA A+ also helps in building sound basic knowledge for individuals who wish to pursue even advanced courses. Of course, some of the courses might have CompTIA A+ certification as their prerequisite too. In this article, we will discuss some real-life advantages of CompTIA A+.

Key to your career

CompTIA A+ is guaranteed to Boost your IT career whether you are a beginner or at an advanced level. Having CompTIA, A+ certification proves that you understand computer software and Hardware inside and out. It will also enable you to troubleshoot practically any device. If you are a beginner, having this certification will land you an amazing first job and if you are a seasoned IT professional it will set you to the right trajectory to success. This is the primary reason why more and more smart professionals are pursuing CompTIA training.

CompTIA A+ enables you to work from the location of your choice

One of the things that people from other professions envy the most about IT profession is the fact that as the time passes more and more professions related to Information Technology are giving this flexibility to employees where they can work from any location. However, the real question here is are all of these jobs and opportunities good enough financially and by judging the quality of job description? Fortunately, by the help of CompTIA A+ certification, individuals can now have access the high paying and lucrative opportunities which lets them work from the location of their choosing.

Preferred by companies

Upon completion of your CompTIA A+ certification, it is expected that you will get special treatment by the highly reputed companies. Obviously, it makes sense for companies like Microsoft, IBM and HP to hire a person proficient in these courses because these companies quite often demand their employees to be competent in these certifications. Names as big as Microsoft and HP even fund their employees’ training. So, if they hire a person, who has had CompTIA training in the first place, they would save a lot of money which is why they would prefer a person who has passed these CompTIA A+ examinations as compared to any other potential employee who has not done these. Companies also realize that people with these qualifications would be more competent which in turn would lead to an increasing number of satisfied customers and this will definitely result in a higher profit. Any individual with CompTIA training is considered to be more productive, efficient and effective which is just a Cherry on the cake.

The input of IT professionals encounter A+

CompTIA A+ certification is designed by some of the most competent and respected people in the information technology field so when any individual acquires this certification, they can rest easy that whatever they learned matches the standard that the employees of today are demanding in their employees. This realization means that people who have CompTIA training feel more confident about their work which leads to them being even more productive and valuable for Their employees. Obviously, this results in even more success and monetary compensation that comes along with it. But, of course, this does not mean that the primary benefit is not the fact that people the fact that people can rest assured that they are up to the mark and up to date with any advancements.

A+ proofs that you have what it takes

Not only does having CompTIA A+ certification prove that you are capable at what you do, but it also communicates to the employees that you are a dedicated and committed person who goes an extra mile to make sure that he or she stays at the top of their game. It also communicates that you make an effort to always be up to date with the recent developments in the information technology and you ensure that in this dynamic world of Information Technology, you are never left behind. This goes without saying that employers love this. Even though it also shows how capable you are at what you do but employers also get a sense of who you are as a person and your character. This not only plays out good for you in the hiring process but managers also keep this in mind while trusting you with an important projector at the time of promotions.

Lucrative monetary benefits

Aforementioned advantages of CompTIA A+ training ensure that you are a valuable employee of the organization hence it is inevitable that you will be rewarded as such. One of the favorite topics of everyone who has taken CompTIA A+ training is how they got motivated, they got raises and promotions due to this certification. When you, as an employee, have an edge over your peers obviously in this cutthroat world of Information Technology big companies would not want to lose an employee like you.

CompTIA has a legacy and history of demonstrating professional competitiveness which is acknowledged by the whole industry. Ed Tittel from Business News Daily says “According to CompTIA, more than one million IT professionals hold the A+ certification. The A+ is required for Dell, Intel and HP service technicians and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD). “

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