6 Ways CompTIA Training and Certification will Help Cloud Teams in 2019


6 Ways CompTIA Training and Certification will Help Cloud Teams in 2019

Computer technology industry Association (CompTIA) is exceptionally beneficial when it comes to helping Cloud teams and companies Step Up their game. It is recognized globally as the leading resource if anyone wants to pursue IT, be it at a beginner level or at a professional level. CompTIA has been making contributions in the IT world by providing professional certifications and CompTIA training since 1982. One of the defining aspects about information technology field is the fact that cloud teams who find themselves working in this field have to keep striving to improve their qualification they have to keep learning so that they can remain up to date with the nearest innovation, which is why CompTIA certification is really helpful. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of CompTIA certifications for enterprise cloud teams. Before we continue, here is a disclaimer for all of you: this article might make you want to take up CompTIA training.

Getting Hired

96% of HR managers use IT certifications as a way to sieve out potential employees. Not only does having this type of IT certifications prove to employers that an individual makes an effort to keep up with the market but it also shows the commitment and dedication that an individual is willing to give to an organization. In recent times, it has been noticed that not only the big sharks like Microsoft and IBM but even medium-sized companies fund the training of their employees so they have a workforce skilled in these types of qualifications. So naturally, when the employers do the hiring, they will prefer to hire individuals who have already taken these certifications. This will not only save a lot of money or the organization but will also mean that even people who are just starting out in the organization are also skilled in these areas.

Employees become more efficient and effective

It has been noticed by businesses that employees with CompTIA certification tend to outperform their peers. People who have taken CompTIA training tends to b 53% more productive than colleagues without CompTIA certification. The former also tend to have 40% and 58% more domain knowledge in its support and t security respectively, because of all these facts it does not come as a shock when employees with CompTIA training get promoted way more than their peers. In 2019, the business world is getting even more cutthroat, with only the most competitive individuals succeeding. CompTIA provides a prospective trajectory to individuals entering the IT field today.

Increases your confidence

Not only does getting CompTIA training increase our capability but it also tremendously boosts our confidence. We, as IT professionals and cloud teams, are usually the smartest of the lot but we are not always the most confident individuals Remember that loud guy who gained prominence in the conference even though it was fairly obvious that you contributed the most to the project? Well, you will not have to face that anymore. Confidence is one of the most valuable skills that a modern-day corporate professional can have. When you would know that you know what you are talking about and you are familiar with all that they teach in IT certification training you will feel be more confident than before and this will help you stand out from the crowd. It is known that employees with CompTIA Security+ Certification training are 85% more confident as compared to those who do not. This confidence will also allow Cloud teams, to better understand, belief in the scope of an IT project which allows them to pitch the idea to a non-IT professional higher up in the management level, which increases their chances of getting budgets for new projects.

Extra Credit and Credibility

Companies with a great reputation such as Microsoft, Cisco, and HP recognize the importance of CompTIA certification too. These certifications are also sometimes prerequisite for other advanced certifications. To that end, it benefits an average Joe immensely if they have these certifications. Even in cases when they are not necessarily prerequisites, the certifications enable individuals to have the basic knowledge that they need to pursue advanced certifications of Microsoft, HP or others. In some cases, even colleges and Universities grant extra credit for students who pursue the certifications. Not only does this motivate people to get CompTIA training but it also makes it a very credible certification.

Higher Pay

Not only does CompTIA training ensure that you are respected among your coworkers and by the organization as someone with a deeper understanding of Information Technology, but it also means that you get the monetary compensation that comes along. Obviously, anyone who has gone an extra mile and has made an extra effort to acquire skills that are offered by CompTIA certification becomes a valuable contributor to the organization, this means of course of the organization cannot afford to lose such an employee. Managers also realize that any individual who is self-motivation to push themselves further would also be a great leader for any project. They would not look to meet the bare minimum requirement but will go an extra mile to ensure that the organization always executes everything perfectly instead of just making the ends meet. Hence something like this is bound to speak for your character too instead of just your capabilities. With various other certifications and career options from tech giants like Microsoft, IBM etc., CompTIA Certifications are an excellent gateway to entering and advancing through IT industry in 2019.

Diverse Career Options

There are multiple career trajectories and opportunities that will open up for you if you pursue CompTIA training. If you pursue CompTIA A+ you can expand your Horizons by becoming a technical support representative, help desk specialist or computer technician. In the IT sector, some companies have even gone as far as making CompTIA A+ mandatory for their service technicians. If you pursue CompTIA network+, you can work as a network administrator, network technician or at any position of the sort. If you decide to take up computer security+, you can pursue jobs like security clearance. You can also offer services as a Security analyst network, security Engineer etc. Not only big corporations like IBM and Hewlett Packard but also entities like the US Navy, army and other forces are also hiring individuals with a deep knowledge of security+. Nowadays the world has become increasingly connected and new innovations are emerging here and there. 2019 shows promising prospects and opportunities for individuals with such a varied certification and training.

In today’s fast paced world, CompTIA provides excellent opportunities for individuals to enter the IT industry with relative ease and achieve good job prospects. CompTIA training is highly recommendable, and AA Picks from Android Authority says, “CompTIA is one of the biggest names in the IT world, and six of the courses in this five-star-rated bundle specialize in these certifications.”

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