Everything you need to Know about CompTIA Pentest+ Certification


Everything you need to Know about CompTIA Pentest+ Certification

How can you become a pen-tester? There are various ways of doing so but the primary thing an ethical hacker needs in this regard is soft-skills. A pen-tester needs to be great at problem-solving. For instance, while finding a solution for any possible security threat, the appropriate solution needs to be identified first. You can become a pen-tester by thinking like a hacker, you have to find all the possible vulnerabilities that an attacker might exploit. Moreover, excellent communication skills are also necessary to communicate your findings and proposed a solution to a client who does not have any technical know-how. The only way you can become a successful pen-tester is by learning continuously. We all know that cyber threats are evolving and attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities. Therefore, it is vital to keep learning about new threats.

Certainly, you can’t avoid the importance of having a solid theoretical foundation. To make a career in penetration testing, you don’t have to be an IT graduate or enroll in a college and pay thousands of dollars, you can do it using various comprehensive testing courses available online – one such course that is recognized by the industry professionals is CompTIA Pentest+ certification.

What CompTIA PenTest+ Covers?

The certification tests individuals in penetrating testing related areas including planning and scoping; information gathering and vulnerability identification; attacks and exploits; penetration testing tools; and reporting and communication. The course is specifically designed for professionals with fundamental knowledge of the relevant field and intermediate skills in identification of threats. The course comes with various simulations and performance-based exams and tests your skills of vulnerability assessment and penetration testing tasks. This is a differential factor of the other tests of CompTIA because this will have the simulation of a penetration test, which makes the test more difficult for those who have no experience.

To test your theoretical knowledge, CompTIA PenTest+ also have a section of multiple-choice questions that cover all the important areas you need to become a certified pen-tester. The course is designed in such a way that ensures that at the completion of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge, skills, and ability to perform penetration testing tasks on any systems.

If a test-taker clears the CompTIA PenTest+ certification, this will mean that the person has demonstrated knowledge and skills necessary to:

  • Plan and scope an assessment
  • Understand legal and compliance requirements
  • Identify vulnerabilities in a system and perform penetration testing utilizing the right tools and techniques
  • Writing reports and communicating findings and solutions effectively.

Who should go for CompTIA PenTest+ Certification?

PenTest+ certification is unique and different from other certifications because it requires a test-taker to show skills and knowledge necessary to test various devices in different environments including desktops, servers, mobile, and the cloud. Whether you are a network security engineer or a security analyst, if you are part of the IT team of any organization or wish to become an independent consultant then you should get yourself CompTIA PenTest+ certified. One thing you should not ignore here that many professionals in the industry who have become a pen-tester after spending at least 3 to 4 years in the industry consider this program or the certification holder not ready to become a penetration tester or vulnerability assessment professional. However, such professionals are in minority, while many showing complete confidence in the course material and the methodology CompTIA follows for PenTest+ certification. Whether you want to change your career and become an ethical hacker or a white hacker or just seeking promotion by expanding your skill set, this CompTIA certification is for you.

How Can I Prepare to Get PenTest+ Certified?

There are various CompTIA training solutions available online that help candidates to prepare for the exam. However, one that we have developed here at QuickStart is all you need to ace the exam and get yourself certified. Our trainers have CompTIA PenTest+ certification along with years of experience in the field. While you can get a self-study guide from CompTIA’s website, but the special training courses we have with us ensure that you ace your exams in the first attempt that too without missing any single detail of the course.

At QuickStart, we offer world-class training and update our training modules regularly to ensure that we include the new cyber threats that have just emerged. Moreover, our security instructors are always ready to answer your queries and help you get rid of any confusion you might have about the course.

Certainly, there are other, cheaper ways to acquire knowledge about penetration testing like reading a book for beginners about ethical hacking or following any ethical hacking blogs that share tips for penetration testing and vulnerability assessment. This is a long route and would require months or in some cases years (depending on your learning pace) to ace the exam. Certainly, following such blogs or reading books along with the training module is going to help you more, but our CompTIA PenTest+ Certification training course is basically the extract of years of experience and knowledge of recognized penetration tester and this is why it’s the easiest and best route for anyone who wishes to get CompTIA PenTest+ certification faster. 


Among the security enthusiasts, it is believed that a person can become a penetration tester only if that person can think and act like attackers or cybercriminals. Penetration testers are generally required to analyze all the potential vulnerabilities of a system and propose a solution that wards off such threats. In today’s environment, where almost every business is using computer application in their processes, it is imperative that companies hire people who can defend them against any and all cyber threats. CompTIA PenTest+ certified professionals have proved their mettle in the industry as the course equip them with the skills, knowledge, and techniques needed to become a professional pen-tester.

If you want to take the test, you can purchase a certification exam voucher by visiting the CompTIA Store.

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