Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA CTT+ Certification


Everything You Need to Know About CompTIA CTT+ Certification

CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) is a certification that verifies that a test-taker has acquired a certain level of excellence in the training field. It proves that an individual holding this certification is excellent in the preparation, presentation, communication, facilitation, and evaluation in the classroom environment. CompTIA’s CTT+ exam has two parts one is computer-based and the other is video-based.

Anyone who wishes to become a certified technical trainer should obtain the CTT+ certification. It is a cross-industry, multi-vendor certification that is generally undertaken by training professionals who wish to impart technical education and instructions to students. Since the field of IT is constantly evolving, the course has also been evolved to match the current needs of the market. Initially, The Chauncey Institute administered the CTT course.

Who Is the CompTIA CTT+ certification for?

This course is ideal for any professional trainers/teachers who wish to demonstrate that they have acquired a standard of excellence in the field of technical training. As per the contemporary learning environment prevailing all across the world, this course helps the test-takers understand and utilize all the tools, techniques, and strategies necessary for teaching students about technical subjects. If you manage to get the CTT+ certification, it would mean that you have proved yourself to be an outstanding technical trainer in your respective IT specialty.

As a technical trainer, your job is not only limited to design connects with classroom addresses and conducting exams, but it requires you to be an effective and persuasive communicator. This course equips you with all the knowledge and technical expertise you need to become a successful technical trainer. Having a CompTIA CTT+ certification means that you have the ability to teach in virtual as well as traditional classrooms. CTT+ also proves you can manage a classroom in a better way and can stand in front of the class with confidence, since this course will also help you polish your technical skills, build your confidence and improve your communication skills.

Why Should I Earn a CTT+? I Already Know How to Teach?

There’s a possibility that this thought may have crossed your mind but if you are a teacher or wish to become one, then you should know that the more you learn the better you will become. But to put your mind at ease, let us walk you through a couple of reasons why you should go for CompTIA CTT+ certification. First, CompTIA’s CTT+ is trusted and recognized by the leading tech organizations of the world. This shows that getting CTT+ certification would increase your prospect of landing a good role with a renowned organization. Companies like Adobe, Dell, Microsoft, Cisco, and IBM are few of the many leading names that accept that the certification is basically a proof which shows that the bearer possesses adequate knowledge and have the right skills to teach their programs.

Secondly, the course helps you develop confidence, so you can teach properly and communicate effectively. Finally, it has been acknowledged by the people in the IT industry that instructor-led training is the best way to get technical training and CompTIA’s CTT+ validates your skills and makes you a great trainer in every environment. In simple words, CompTIA CTT+ certification helps you identify the diverse needs of technical students and equips you with the right skills to become a top technical trainer off the field. One must remember that the exam is not easy and would require the investment of your time and efforts to clear it.

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Requirements to get CompTIA CTT+ Certification

There are two basic requirements to get CTT+ certification; which are as follows:

First, it is mandatory for a test-taker to undertake a computer-based exam, which examines knowledge of the test-taker according to the 14 core competencies set by the International Board of Standards for Training, Performance, and Instruction or IBSTPI. The 14 core competencies that the test examines include analysis of course materials and learner information; assuring preparation of the instruction site; establishing and maintaining instructor credibility; management of the learning environment; showing effective communication skills; exhibiting effective presentation skills; demonstrating effective questioning skills and techniques; responding appropriately to learner's needs for clarification and feedback; providing positive reinforcement and motivational incentives; using instructional methods appropriately; utilizing media effectively; evaluating learners’ performance; assessing the delivery of instruction, and reporting evaluation information properly.

The 105 minutes long computer-based exam consists of 105 multiple-choice questions, which means you have one minute to answer one question. The questions are designed to assess the 14 core competencies mentioned above. These standards set by IBSTPI are known to anyone who has ever taught in a public school district in the United States of America, as they are considered the basic requirement for teacher evaluations every year. If you pass the test, then you will be considered among the list of the best technical trainers.

Another requirement of CTT+ certification is that the trainer has to clear a performance-based exam in which the trainer has to record a video showing the skills define by the IBSTPI.  The video should show the instructor’s actual instructional performance and should be 20 minutes long. CompTIA has a team of professionals who are trained to review and examine the videotaped instructional performance. As part of the second requirement, the candidate must also document his or her videotape and present more information about the video and the instructional performance displayed in it. It is highly recommended for the test-takers to hire a professional trainer who would help you in teaching the subjects covered in CTT+ certification. You can only teach by teaching and that’s why it is also recommended that before videotaping your instructional performance, teach a class pro-bono to polish your skills.

How to Prepare for the Test?

You can opt for a traditional route, get yourself some books related to the subject and start gaining more knowledge. Another way is to let QuickStart’s professional trainers and specialized CompTIA training courses help you ace CompTIA’s CTT+ exam. Start your 30 days FREE TRIAL with QuickStart.

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