5 Major Network Management Challenges Enterprises Will Face in 2019


5 Major Network Management Challenges Enterprises Will Face in 2019

Stepping into a New Age of Challenges

When it comes to the evolution of a specific industry in the world, there is none that can compare itself to the IT industry. Even though this change is exciting, it brings with it a host of new challenges and hurdles that need to be faced and resolved. Among these challenges, the biggest one falls on the personnel responsible for network management. With increased incoming and outgoing traffic, employees requiring remote access to corporate data, cloud computing and edge computing, new strategies have to be implemented to ensure security and maximum network uptime.

After all, every technology requires network continuity and the key to guarantee this is to overcome any and all the challenges that come your way in 2019 and beyond. You can prepare for these challenges by taking a Cisco training course. This way your enterprise will be ready to face any network management hurdles head-on, and traverse through them with great success!

The following is a list of five challenges you as a network manager need to watch out for this year:

1: Back to the Cloud

A few years ago, server virtualization had kicked into full gear and became the top choice for IT pros all over the world. However, things have changed and starting in 2018 and moving into 2019, private cloud initiatives, SDDCs (Server Defined Data Centers) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) are now back in the game.

The challenge faced by network managers now is to revert back to these good old network management services. This change in technologies will benefit companies by increasing their efficiency and network performance.

2: Monitoring Network Growth

With an increase in cloud networking, the inbound and outbound traffic will naturally increase, resulting in the most challenging task of all: monitoring the network growth. This demands more work from the network administrators as they have to take the necessary measures to ensure that the system keeps on functioning at its optimal capacity and oversee the entire cloud networking at the same time.

3: Optimizing Network Processes

It is crucial for your network processes to be optimized in order for your enterprise to achieve enhanced operational efficiency. Not only will this enable you to provide unmatched services to your clients, it will also improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

To meet the specific network management needs of your enterprise, you need to ensure that your network administrators have received Cisco certification. This will ensure the optimization of your network processes in every way, enabling an increasingly streamlined functionality of your business operations.

4: Convergence of IT Security & NetOps

Long gone are the days when the two teams had to work separately. Nowadays, the collaboration of these two is becoming crucial to ensure network management success. Security processes are now being integrated with network analytics and network performance monitoring.

This convergence is mostly due to the fact that the functions offered by NetOps and IT Security are more effective when they are working together. This is also due to the fact that the top priority of these two is to ensure network security and the best way to do that is to collaborate.

5: Rising Difficulties in Network Configuration

With an increase in network size, it is getting more and more difficult to oversee the network configuration. There can be a host of conflicts, devices incompatibilities, fixing errors and updating firewalls. The capabilities of cyber attackers are evolving. This demands constant vigilance on part of network managers to protect their network's information systems.


These are network management challenges enterprises will definitely be facing in 2019, and the best way to prepare for them is to undergo Cisco training. This can only be accomplished when you have a thorough understanding of network process optimization as in this day and age, your company's network operations are among the most vital parts on which your entire business is standing on, so why not make them more efficient, effective and secure!

At QuickStart.com, our goal is to help you overcome any and all the IT challenges within your company through our training courses. We leverage our experience and skills in network management and optimization to offer enhanced education related to improving the security and efficiency of your organization's network management.

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