Office 365 Certifications in 2019: 5 Reasons They're Worth It


Office 365 Certifications in 2019: 5 Reasons They're Worth It

It’s 2019, your business deserves the best that is out there! So, do you wish to expand? If not, are you tired of those added costs that come with the software? Are your IT professionals done with upgrading the system and look forward to the technological advancements that will make their task easy? Have you ever had to leave a project just because your IT professionals were not that equipped? If the answer to any of the above is a yes you need to know why in 2019 Office 365 certification is the solution.

Office 365 will boost you to stay ahead of your competition and at the same time fasten your capabilities to higher the rates of productivity. Be virtually present in 2019 with Office 365 and allow your employees to access their work from anywhere they are. O365 training has numerous benefits to offer, here are 5 reasons why it’s so worth it.

Secure Like No Other

You can never eliminate the risk, but you can always minimize it. Microsoft realizes that the information you put in their software is integral to you and any sort of leakage can be fatal to the business. Therefore, Office 365 is designed in a way that no one can access your data without your permission; not even Microsoft Officials. In the data centers, Microsoft has installed sensors and biometric systems to restrict entrance only to authorized personnel. Surveillance and security cameras make sure every move is recorded, these layers in the security process make it difficult for a security breach to penetrate through.

Never Lose Your Data

The biggest worry while getting a subscription is losing of data at the end of a term or in case of an abrupt cancellation. Microsoft is here to take that stress off your shoulders. Once the subscription term ends the data is not removed for 90 days, and Microsoft allows you to utilize their facility of data portability. Through data portability, you can migrate your content without worrying about losing it. In case of a canceling mid-term you again get the benefit to move your data and only after 90 days will Microsoft go ahead will removal. 

State-of-the-art Features

Once you migrate to Office 365, your employees will be able to work with state of the art features that Office 365 has to offer. Most of the time we see that IT professionals are so busy with managing software and hardware that they rarely get time to invest their capabilities into other tasks. Office 365 looks after the burden of managing both the software and hardware so IT resources can be utilized elsewhere. One of the most amazing benefits of Office 365 is its compatibility with other generations of the Microsoft operating systems.

Cost Reduction

Who doesn’t want to save up to expand in the future? But IT infrastructure is quite expensive, and mostly it’s not a onetime expense. Updates and upgrades are usually too costly, and businesses cannot afford to make another form of expansions if they have to regularly invest in businesses. But the best part about Microsoft Office 365 is its reduced costs and at the same time not having to invest time and again to fetch higher more upgraded versions.

Not only will your IT personnel breathe a sigh of relief with regular automatic updates but so will your finance managers as they will not have to separately allocate budgets for purchasing upgraded software. If you’re concerned about issues related to hardware failures and then finding an immediate back up you will also save up on costs there. Migrating to Office 365 takes care of that too, it provides you disaster recovery without having to pay an arm and a leg for the purpose. Surveys have calculated that Office 365 lets businesses save up to 40 percent in less than a decade.

Ease in Communication

One just cannot forget to mention the ease in communication that comes with migrating to Office 365. Many renowned companies have adopted Office 365 because it made it easier for their employees to stay connected. Not just that in today’s world an organization has endless network connections. One has to stay connected with the customer as well as the supplier. When Shell needed to connect its 84000 employees working all over the world, it reached out to Office 365. Their business and technology improvement manager talk about how it became so easy to communicate and collaborate. She mentions how her employees felt comfortable using their own devices and working from home more than they did from their desks and Office 365 gave them that platform. They even further customized applications as per their needs. Before the innovation of such a platform, it was hard to envision such a less expensive medium to connect people across oceans.

Virgin Atlantic talks about how they handed a personal tablet to each one of their employees but didn’t know how to connect them using which app. Only when they came to Microsoft, they were able to create connections and collaborate with their workforce. More so, their employees were able to come online from airports and airplanes and from home.


Being aware of the various benefits that O365 training has to provide you makes it easy to maximize when migrating to Office 365. Office 365 training not only boosts productivity on the business front but it also provides advanced learning and enhanced capabilities to your professionals. They professionally grow and stay up to date. Through the training IT individuals can learn to create and customize their own applications depending upon the requirements of your business. If you want to learn more about Office 365 certifications, get in touch with one of our experts now and get started. 

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