Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 14


Friday Buzz Report – Issue Number 14

It’s Black Friday everyone. The time of the year that you have been saving up for has finally arrived. Pro-tip, buy Christmas gifts for everyone today and save a ton of money. Then invest that money in yourself by getting some IT technical training (wink wink). Subtle segue into self-promotion aside, we are proud to bring you the 14th issue of the Friday Buzz Report today. This week, we are going to talk about Uber, Google, Net Neutrality, and IT training. Let’s get started.

Uber Revealed A Massive Data breach It Suffered in 2016

SoftBank, a huge Japanese conglomerate, wanted to invest $10 billion in Uber in November 2017. As part of due diligence before making such a big investment, the group investigated Uber’s operations and finances. Uber, in good faith, revealed to them a well-guarded secret – something they had never revealed to the public – they suffered from a massive cyber security breach in 2016 and had paid the hackers a handsome amount to delete the data that had been compromised.

The breach compromised the data of 57 million riders and 600,000 drivers, and the company ended up paying $100,000 to the hackers who were keeping the data hostage. The breach occurred in October 2016, and hackers gained access to users’ email addresses, names, and phone numbers. According to Uber, users’ credit card numbers, riding history, and social security numbers were not compromised. Joe Sullivan, Uber’s Chief Security Officer, was fired after the incident.

Why didn’t we hear about this earlier, you ask? That’s because Uber did not want its image to be tarnished by the incident. Read the Full article here.

If You Use An Android Device, Google Knows Your Location, Even If You Don’t Want Them To

Usually, this is the part where we tell you to put your tinfoil hats on. However, no tinfoil hats will protect you from Google. If you own an Android device, you must be all too familiar with location services. You turn on the feature and enable location tracking, allowing Google to see your location so it can recommend the best restaurants nearby. However, once you disable location tracking, the feature is not exactly turned off. Even if you take out the SIM from your phone and go to attend that super-secret meeting of the cult you recently joined, your phone still collects location data and sends it to Google. There is simply no way around it. Read the Full article here.

Google and Facebook Stand For Net Neutrality

Google and Facebook expressed concerns over the FCC’s plans to amend net neutrality laws that currently enable everyone unrestricted access to the internet. The amendments will enable ISPs to choke some content while make other content faster. The topic has become a hot button issue recently since most people in the US have access to only one internet service provider. Read the full article here.

QuickStart Offers Up To 70% Off On Azure, SharePoint, and Comptia Training

It’s Black Friday, the holidays are right around the corner, and you are looking for a great deal on that big 4k tv or an xbox. You are browsing Amzon, ebay, and similar websites to get your favorite Game Of Thrones Merchandise for next to nothing. We get it, this is not the time you are looking for IT training. However, this is also the time when you can get it at the most affordable prices. Take Comptia Security+ for instance. The course will cost you roughly around $3000 on any given day, but this week, it’s available for only $900. So visit our home page and check out the training we have on offer, you can save thousands of dollars and get IT technical training from the pioneers of the industry. The offer expires on the 30th of November.

Well, this is it for this week’s Friday Buzz Report. Have a nice weekend everyone, and see you guys next week.

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